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Please dont throw tomatoes at me
Im sure some of you already recognize my devilishly handsome face. Krelov here! Just kidding, call me Jake. I actually tried to put it as that but I cant! If an admin could fix that it would be cool. 

Uhh a little back story, Im from Paragon as some of you are aware. Ex DM and CMod. Ive been RPing since 2014 so 5 years or so. I know my lore, except for BfA stuff. I need to catch up. I have a feeling that a stigma will fall upon me due to my well known temper tantrum over there. Either way, Im gonna try to join this community because other than the french this is likely the closest lore RP server I will find. You'll see my account was made here in 2018. I actually checked this place out before when Paragon looked like it was gonna die but then it was brought back to life by such noble gentlemen and one woman. I have read up on everything here and am looking forward to RPing here actually. Itll be another couple weeks till im IG but i plan to stalk the forums till then. 

Happy Easter everyone!
Hello there and welcome to the server, gunna be honest and just say I've no clue who you are so no negative stigma from me! Hope you have fun on the server when you get here.
Hey Jake! Happy Easter to you too! And welcome to Freedom. I’m Talona and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask be it server related or any lore. And please check out our discord if you haven’t as we have some changes to our IP that will affect the servers realm list server.

You can get the info from here: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/misc.php?page=social

I’ll look into your forum name but it’s possible we have a Jake in the server. =)
Hello and welcome!

Like Talona said, there's a recent change to the realmlist that even new downloads have to make. I posted a snippet about it in the Shoutbox but there'll be more support on Discord if you run into trouble, and our Discord is also our primary community platform (as we very rarely use the forums for anything but announcements nowadays!).

Welcome to Freedom, and holler if you need anything!
Thank you for the warm welcome! I will be sure to keep this in mind. I do really look forward to RPing again. Its been a while, I was also curious about the resctrictions here with possibly tranferring my characters? I have two well progressed characters I would appreciate having. Im aware I likely cant have everything but a lil something would put a smile on my face.

Im a double post god btw

To be more specific, my one character Raiet is a very progressed engineer. I was wondering if Id be allowed to csrry over a few creations or if i gotta restart comoletely?
Taken from here: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Thread-The-Rules

Quote:17.) Transferring/Importing characters and Character Progression - You can bring characters over from other servers, but you may not transfer their power levels, influence, or anything world-changing. Those must be regained by roleplaying on Freedom. You can, however, transfer their relationships with other characters from that server.
For example, two footman characters Bob and Bob2 are from another server. They went on an adventure and became famous and powerful heroes and had a well known and influential guild. They come to Freedom and transfer their characters. They can still say they had those adventures but their power and guild influences would have to regained by roleplaying on Freedom. In essence they should be transfers in name and relationships only.

In terms of past storylines, you can say your characters participated in the wars, such as the Outland Conflict and War in Northrend but cannot say they were at events such at any of the dungeons or raids like Black Temple or ICC.

In essence, you can transfer anything that isn't status or power, so to speak, and direct participation in main storyline events that would've taken place on Freedom (where you can still be a background participant, but you wouldn't have partaken in the boss fights or major encounters, so to speak---on the same line, you can't transfer over reputation with factions past a certain point, so if you wanted to have officer titles or equivalents of them, you'd have to check with the staff beforehand). If you have items and inventions you specifically want to check with the staff depending on what they are, you can just make a thread in Contact the Staff and we'll get you covered in that regard. Generally speaking you won't have to apply for or get permission for items, enchantments and the like unless you want to enforce benefits in PVP or events that are outside your base (as it is understood by those present) class(es) and profession(s).

What sorts of things are you wanting to bring over, so I can give you a more straight "yeah that's fine" or "you should probably make that thread"?
A couple things that required full blown applications over at Paragon, probably best to make a staff thread.
Gotcha, no sweat.

Just post a thread in here: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Forum-Contact-the-Staff

Only the staff and thread's creator are able to see and reply to threads therein, so it's all good. We usually look over and reply to CtS threads on Sundays (which is when we have our weekly staff meeting), but if it's easy enough a reply could come sooner. Based on what you're saying, though, it'll likely be by Sunday. Smile

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