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Patch Notes Retirement and Entire Compendium of the Patch notes
The Staff has decided to retire the Patch Notes section of the forums. Our reasons for this are: 

  1. We have been more consistently using the announcement threads to announce changes to rules, storyteller, mainstoryline, etc. The intended purpose if the Patch notes was to do this, without making announcements.
  2. The patch notes system is not user-friendly, and becomes unclear what each patch note entails
  3. The patch notes system is overshadowed by changes made through announcements and becomes out-dated
With all this being said, we intend to make sure that any changes we make, lore considerations we have, etc we will put in announcements as an easier, more user-friendly way to access up-to-date information in a clear and concise way that the Patch notes were not doing. Below you will find the complete and up-to-date information from the Patch notes section, the information is split into five categories of information being: Mainstoryline, Morphs/Morph Rules, Server Rules, System Changes, and Misc. Lore Notes

1. Dualboxing Announcement Regarding Characters in Events/Dungeons/Raids

2.  Turning People Away in Raid vs. Forfeiting Loot
We have revised our policy with regards to denying entry to an event that is underway. Instead, if someone arrives more than halfway into the final boss they can still attend the raid but have to forfeit their loot, the killing blow, and any attendance rewards they may have been eligible.

3. Priority Rolls for Overtly Evil Chars of Evil Organizations
Overtly evil characters, or characters that come to events as spies for evil organizations may be given lower priority for items that are not directly related to those characters. Additionally, they will still need to seek DM discretion on if the event is appropriate for them to attend.

Morphs/Morph Rules
1. While these changes took place some time ago we do want to reflect on them
Eredar: All Eredar are under Tier 4, but it is still important to note the differences in the Eredar you may apply for.

Dragons: We have also added Dragons to Tier 4, and you do not need to be a pre-existing drake to be a Dragon; They are case by case applications.

2. Concerning Temporary Morphs
For temporary morphs, you may ask a GM in LFG or asking for the Staff in Discord, but remember to specify why you want it. If you want to morph into a Dragon to show that your players in your event are fighting a Dragon, then ask for the temporary morph from the Staff. You do NOT need to apply for a temporary morph. Alternatively you can apply for Storyteller to use these abilities.

3. Concerning Dragons
You can evolve into a Dragon, or apply for a Dragon separate to a drake, but ALL dragon applications are case by case.

4. Concerning ALL Non-Legion Aligned (even BOUND) Demons
All demons that intend to be Anti-Legion Aligned  will need to make a Tier 4 application IF you intend to actively oppose the Legion (Such as being a Champion of Azeroth; Defender of Life).

Demons who are bound may fight against the Legion but it must be against their will due to the master who bound them. If you wish a bound demon to be anti-legion aligned you are still required to make a tier 4. 

5. Ticket System Mention Removal
Removed all mention of requiring to make a ticket as the ticket system does not work, and additionally GMs can add morphs to morph applicants when they are offline so long as the morph information was supplied.

6. Felsworn and Dire Orcs/Trolls
Felsworn have been moved to Tier 1 (Previously Tier 2), and now include Felblood Elves, and Fel Orcs.
Dire Orcs and Trolls have been consolidated to be Dire Orcs/Trolls

7. Botani Distinction in Tier List
Traditional Botani that follow the genesaur (and are seen more as antagonists) will be Tier 1
Independent/Good Aligned Botani will now require a Tier 2
WoD Tiers included on the Tier List and are denoted by (AU)

8. Sargerei:
Sargerei right now wouldn't be Eredar, they would be traitorous felsworn like Draenei, they will be allowed to be applied for once Auchindoun is done. There is no possibility of Sargerei being good or independent. They may become full Eredar in 6.2 when they drink the demon blood.  These Eredar wouldn't be allowed to be independent aligned either.

8.2 Sargerai Addendum
People can be Sargerai Infiltrator under the following Conditions:
-They must be CtS'd for.
-They can only be reveal themselves to be Sargerai after Auchindoun, meaning they can't do anything overtly nefarious until Auchindoun is done.
-They can't have absorbed or taken any Fel until Auchindoun as that would give away that they are infiltrator's for the Sargerai, it is much more likely they'd have to 'earn' the fel blood, and would possibly earn that once Auchindoun is done. At which point these characters would be felsworn Sargerai, before that point they would look like regular Draenei.
-If too many people apply for this, we will have to close the door on these infiltrator's been applied for, to maintain a fair equilibrium between heroes being in the Garrison and infiltrator's.
-If you plan to be a Sargerai Infiltrator you couldn't have information that impacts the main storyline or have information that has inner-workings within the Sargerai and the Shadow Council.

9. AU Arakkoa:
After being rescued from the Blood Maul Slag Mines The flightless AU Arakkoa may now be applied for. They would have needed to be slaves within the dungeon who recently escaped thanks to the heroes efforts. (At this point in time all Arakkoa may be applied for)

10. Update on Drakes
Drakes can be related to Aspects with the following understanding:
-This doesn't change anything to your character, you're not any better or stronger than any other applied drake.
-Any relationships with the aspects is extremely impersonal and they hold no sway with the Aspects.
-The only clutch you can not be a part of is Kalegos as he was only an aspect for half a year.

11. Dreadlords
Dreadlords are now open to be applied for under the current stipulations. This is due to the fact Auchindoun is complete.
-They can now be rped on Azeroth and Draenor
-They can rp in Legion bases and Legion space

12. Fel Lords
Fel Lord's have been put on the Morph Tier list and can now be applied for, they are being considered as Tier 3, and may be applied for, here on in. 

Server Rules
1. New rule in the Freedom Rule Section
21.) Adult Situations - Here, on Freedom, the staff doesn't care what two consenting adults do in private chats. But keep it just like that, in a private party. Any adult themed RP (such as ERP) is strictly to be kept out of public channels. We have people who may not want to see it and those younger than 18. We ask you respect this and keep such roleplay in private parties

2. Rule Changes:
Rule 4.) Don't be intentionally rude. Tough-skin is required, but being rude on purpose still isn't cool.
Rule 16.) The exception to this rule is demons, elementals and similar NPCs that are not permanently killed when they die on the mortal plane. These NPCs will be treated on a case-by-case and you should let us know if you want to kill any of these with the understanding they can return at staff or story discretion
Rule 10.) We consolidated rule 10 with 10a and 10b to cut down on redundancy and adding an additional note.
Rule 11.) The Three Strike rule is an arcane and archaic rule that has been removed as it was redundant and not used often.

3. Rule Addition Regarding Pets
Player Character Death and Pet/Mount Death
a. Player Characters cannot be killed without their consent and permission, unless they are doing something where death is the only option. (Like doing something knowingly that is dangerous and stupid)

b. Pets/Mounts are to be treated the same as player characters in that they also cannot be killed without the player character's (owner of said pets/mounts) consent and permission.

4. Rule Addition
Rule 22.) Server-Wide we do emote-based PvP fights, which are known as "trust fights". We understand that some players do not prefer this method in which there are alternatives, with specific caveats:
a. Roll Fights In lieu of a trust fight, two players can deal out their PvP battle in a roll-fight, however, this must be consented and agreed upon by both parties. If one party does not want to roll fight, but both insist a fight needs to happen, then the fight must be a trust fight. We do not allow forcing any player to roll fight under any circumstances because roll fighting is largely dependent on RNG and generally has no basis in our role-play setting due to the constraints of being unable to apply advantages/disadvantages that one does in a classic D&D. We do not have such a system to support roll-fighting. So roll fighting must be consensual. If, a player feels uncomfortable with an emote-battle, but does not want to force a roll fight then:
b. Predetermined Outcome We recommend that the two parties discuss OOCly the outcomes of the fight that way everyone's best interest can be served. If there is still a level of unsureness about this option, then:
c. GM Moderator We encourage our players to seek out a GM to moderate the emote-battle for any abuse of power in the fight itself. If the battle is with a GM-player character, a player has the right to ask for a third-party GM/The Admin to moderate. 

This is due to being asked what our rules are on PvP are, as well as player's rights with regards to it

Edit: This rule strictly applies to PvP RP outside of events. Events are DM-discretion on if roll fights are necessary or not. The only thing we require is that the DM makes it clear that the event is roll-fight only beforehand to the players getting involved.

System Changes (To Discord, Forums, Storyteller, or IG systems e.g. Black Market)

1. New sections of the Forums:

The Community Gatherings Section where you can use the section to connect with others, this includes streaming music with Plug DJ, D&D games you want to advertise for players to join, stream movies to watch, host game-nights, etc. This area is a great place to go when you want to take part with the community!

Art Gallery Section where you can use this section to post your personal art, whether its your commissions, things youve drawn, an art dump you want to share with people. Anything you want to share with the arts is great for this section!

2.  Bot Spam on forums and Discord
Make sure to report any bots advertising for Paragon/RPH, we have additionally removed some of the permanent links that were accessible to all.

3. Dynamic Storyteller
Lowered the player requirement for DST.2 to 3 people interested, excluding the DM
Clarified DST.5 making it clear showing what one has hosted must be done in storyteller section with progress reports

4. Guild Storyteller
Lowered the player requirement for GST.1 to 3 people interested, excluding the DM
Clarified GST.5 making it clear showing what one has hosted must be done in storyteller section with progress reports

5. Storyteller General Rules
Storyteller Forums and Progress Reports
A new example of the Progress Reports is included with clarification that the only information required for reports are completed events and the day they were hosted on.
Also elaborated the DSTs can run facilitation of social RP in their progress reports

6. Storyteller Information: Hosting Multiple Events in the Same Day 
Clarifying that it is okay to have multiple ST events the same day as each other but that the staff encourages people to do so thoughtfully, with careful planning, and to communicate with fellow STs in the long run.

7. Storyteller Review Change
The time between reviews for storytellers has been increased to a month and a half rather than a single month.

8. Storyteller Rule Updates:
Invisible Morph Ruling: You are not allowed to use the invisible morph outside of your own events. It is not something to be given to other players, or added to other players outside of your events or in the mall in any regard. If this happens again where this morph is abused outside of ST events, it will not only result in the loss of ST for the personal offender, it will also result in the morph display being totally prohibited for all STs. The staff is extending a hand of trust towards you all, and we want to emphasize how serious this is by saying that abusing this morph will result in the loss of ST powers, and all STs will be prohibited from using it.

9. Storytellers Claiming Land With Banners
With regards with using banners to claim areas that may be used for future events, the staff is not disallowing its use but we definitely recommend that if it is used it should be for projects you intend to do in the near future, within a couple weeks or so. Otherwise, such as using it to claim lands for future events, or because you want to remember the land, we recommend not doing so, because claiming things with banners and leaving it does not guarantee it will remain in your hands and we prefer for people to use things as and when they need them.
That being said there is an alternative to the banners for some. If you are interested in a piece of land but unsure what to do with it, or you want to remember its location for a possible idea in the far future, or something, you can make a private teleport of the land, and port to it when sometimes comes to you, baring in mind the land may end up in use, but that goes for the banners as well.

10. Blackmarket System is Retired Per this announcement 

11. Custom NPC Requests; Custom Beast NPCs
Through the efforts of Bluelink, those staff members who are capable to make NPCs, can make any NPC race tameable by Hunters through a custom NPC.

For example, if you wanted a skeleton pet and want it to follow you around as a pet does for a hunt, it can be done through the creation of a custom npc. Staff members who wish to know how to make tameable npcs may find the pinned post under custom npc requests.

12. Forum Update
The Freedom Lore has been removed, as its purpose has been efficiently covered by the CTS section on the forums, and the QfS section in the Discord.

13. QFS Lore  inquiry policy
We'd like people to make sure they do some research regarding their lore question before asking them. In order for us to most accurately, promptly, and assuredly respond to questions, we need to be aware of how much about the topic you're aware of.

To this end, we'd like to ask everyone that, when applicable, please include a little bit about what you've found through your own research regarding the area of lore in question. We're not asking for a research paper, and definitely not anything near the level of research needed for a complex CtS inquiry, but just enough that we're not blindsided by further points that you might bring up. This will help us answer questions as best as possible.

14. QFS BFA Lore Inquiries
Players may now ask questions in QFS regarding BFA lore

Misc. Lore Notes
1. NPC Drake Companions
Going forward, npc drake companions will be rare without a very in-depth reason, so to acquire one will be through in-depth storylines, or otherwise. Additionally, npc drake companions cannot be brought to any events without express DM approval.

2. Dragonkin Ages
Like people, every dragon grows at a different rate. It really depends on the character, and it's a case by case basis. But, we would find it hard to believe that a dragonkin would still be a drake past 500 years. We mostly say it's up to personal experience so that our Whelp players don't end up needing to wait, like, 5 years to actually grow into a drake, but the point does still stand for drakes.

3. Dragon Ages
Dragon characters can be born up to 1000 years before the War of the Ancients.

4. Monk Wind Teleportation
Advanced monks that work for or with the Shado-pan may have the ability to learn a 'windstep', an ability that is similar to Blink or Shadowstep. It will most likely be tiring after continual use in combat, just like Shadowstep or Blink.

5. Developer Spellbook Updates
Everyone can now use Track Humanoids innately!

6. Reminder on Legion Lore with regards to Helya/Helheim
Any Vrykul Spirits/Kvaldir from Helheim are under a sway/curse of Helya that prevents them from talking about Helheim or revealing Helya in any regard.
This is due to the fact that the reveal of Helya and Helheim are generally supposed to be a big reveal and surprise.

7. Defined Distinction with Personal Dragonsworn and General Dragonsworn
Personal Dragonsworn are Dragonsworn who were bestowed their gifts and duties by a personal player character drake/dragon. These players serve and are attached to the personal player character drake/dragon and aid that character with their duties of the flight. A general Dragonsworn are those who helps the entire flight typically by way of group affiliation such as Cenarion Circle or the Timewalkers and their focus is the Dragonflight as a whole.

It is important to note that being a personal dragonsworn does not mean you do not have those core group affiliations, it simply means that you are a primary aid to a specific drake/dragon.

8.Transmogging Items
Precedence: We are allowing transmogging of gear, but at this time we are still not allowing the transmogging of weapons.

Note: Transmog cannot be used to disguise heavy armor as cloth or vice versa ICly. (In example: If you're wearing cloth gloves, you cant say they are transmogged to look like cloth gloves but when you punch someone you punched them very hard because its actually plate.)

9. Lore Update on Demons vs. Alternate Selves
The lore implies because Demons souls are linked to the Nether that they transcend space timelines.

Because the npc: Socrethar/Othaar It is possible that a demon could have an Alternate self if they became a demon in recent history (within the last couple decades or so). So their past history would still exist but the longer they are a demon the more they transcend time. We will be coming out with an announcement on this in the coming weeks!

10. Different Races + Paladins
We are allowing Forsaken to be able to be Paladins
We are also allowing for the possibility of Orc Paladins

Note: For any of the above races or non-traditional Paladin races, please make a CTS if you are looking into such characters.

11. Demons in Pandaria
Demons can now go into Pandaria. It's important to note Pandarens wouldn’t react very well to seeing a demon going around Pandaria, so be mindful and utilize disguises in the open. There is no risk of summoning any Sha unless there is an extreme pull of power and emotion.

12. Monk Multiclassing Guide
We have come out with a working guide on the classes that are open to be multi-classed with monks. We have also included the classes that cannot, and a general reason why. We will also be expanding this guide to include certain RPG classes overtime. However, if you are interested in knowing how/if your RPG class could multi-class with a monk please make a CTS so we can help!


13. Challenge Mode Weapon Update:
The Staff is allowing players to use the challenge mode weapons on the basis that:
These weapons are to be CTS'd for as custom items
They need some sort of questline to obtain as they are rather unique.
We are treating them as semi-significant/minor potential lore items
There are some challenge mode that are not listed as they will be potential artifacts/loot for future events in WoD, but the ones listed below are now open for CTS:   

Claws of Creation
Greatstaff of Infinite Knowledge
Living Longbow
Elemental Crescent
Bloodmaw Gargoyle
Arcana Shard Spire
Tesseract Timepiece

14. Draenor Native Clarifications:
Native Draenor Orcs can be played in the approved zones (Frostfire/Shadowmoon) but those Orcs who are of clans a part of the Iron Horde will have to be exiles of their original clans. Any Iron Horde Native cannot be allowed until Gorgrond for when they are first seen (With the exception of Thunderlord and Shadowmoon that are in the Iron Horde). (All other clans can be allowed at this point in time of WoD)

15. Priestess of the Moon discipline priest tree update
Priestess of the Moon can be discipline priests, they'd learn spells like psychic scream as defensive techniques. Spells such as Shadowfiend and Shadowmend would not be taught, and they would need to learn those spells with a teacher of another race or on their own. This may be frowned upon in Kaldorei society, but it wouldn't make them a pariah.

16. Rping in locked zones and player houses
Any homes or villages spawned in locked zones will not be allowed to be rped in, until the zones themselves are unlocked. This includes but is not limited to quiet secluded areas, or island homes off of the coasts or areas on the fringes to other areas. If confused, about when a zone is unlocked it is generally only unlocked when the main-story goes to those areas.

17. Wildhammer Druids
As per the day's meeting, Wildhammer Dwarves are no longer required to submit a CtS thread to roll characters as Druids. The effective level of power, methodology and expertise of a starting Druid of Wildhammer origin should be treated as and be compared to the Gilnean Harvest Witches.

18. Blood Elves can now start transitioning into having Golden Eyes
This cannot be represented in game as of yet but can be stated via TRP etc. This transition will come more easily for light users, and will be impossible for Warlocks and Shadow Priests (And Demon Hunters, Death Knights, etc. Use Common Sense.) This will not be possible for High Elves, nor can Blood Elves revert to blue eyes.

19. Languages and Dialects
Kingdoms speak common, not any other dialects - with the exception of Gilneans which have a British accent. Players can use different dialects and languages however, as long as they say that it’s more localized and not widespread throughout the entire kingdom.

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