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Order Halls 3.0
Hey guys, we got a fair bit of feedback about our last changes to the order hall system. Some good feedback, but also a fair bit of constructive feedback as well. We ended up reaching out to a number of people who had their criticisms, and having an impromptu meeting regarding making some changes, and we think that most of the issues were born out of a miscommunication on our part, but we also want to compromise where we can.

So, in the spirit of both transparency and fairness, I’m going to go over detail by detail what exactly we mean. What I’m hoping is that, by fully explaining our thought process, we can preemptively answer a lot of questions that have been popping up.

First, I’m going to talk about why we have a buffer period between when we start the expansion and when we choose the Order Hall leaders. Based on previous experiences, we know that if we just shove leadership on people right away, we’re going to run into a lot of problems. People need some time to settle into who their mains are, and everyone else needs time to establish who the leaders are in their respective circles. If we were to name leaders immediately, and people or players don’t know who they are or what they do, there’s going to be a lot of contention, and a lot of people feeling that others might not deserve it. With our time buffer, this allows these leaders to come through organically, through the RP they create. We’re going to be keeping an eye on people all throughout the end of WoD and through the pre-patch content. We’re asking people to apply because we only want to make people leaders that actually want to be them. We’ll never force someone to take a role they have no desire to hold.

That being said, we definitely agree that the initial time period we set out is too long after examining the timeline a second time. We’re going to be greatly reducing the buffer period we initially set out, and will be opening applications for Order Hall Leadership midway through our first zone, Azsuna, and will be selecting them by the Eye of Azshara dungeon. This means, based on where this is happening in our timeline, that we will have leaders in place after the Artifacts are found, but before the real Order Hall campaign begins.

We’re also restructuring how the “hierarchy” within the Order Halls will be set up. We’re going to be treating them somewhat like Guilds. Though each Order Hall will be structured based on the organization that they encompass, they will all be generally structured as follows:
There will be a council of leaders, which will have to be applied for at the appropriate time. Below them are Officers, who will act in the stead of the leaders if they are not present, and may even be promoted to being a leader if their RP leads them that way later on the expansion. Below Officers are Champions, who are exceptional heroes of the Order Hall, but have no desire to lead. Below Champions are Members, who are general followers, but are the general non-artifact wielding members of a class hall.

So we’ve been saying the word “leader” and “leadership” a lot, and I think it hasn’t been entirely clear what we mean by this, what we’re looking for in a leader, or what we expect from leaders once they are appointed. I’m going to divide this up into two sections, because we aren’t just looking at your character’s IC qualifications, we’re also looking at your OOC ability to run an organization and encourage good RP for the members of the Order Hall.

In an IC sense, in order for your character to be considered for being a leader, we’re looking for the following traits:
1. Well respected in their relevant factions
2. In good standing with other factions involved in Legion
3. Willing to put aside petty differences for the good of Azeroth
4. Able to inspire others to fight against the Legion
5. Respected enough to collaborate with other leaders
6. Values the lives of their followers
7. Exemplifies the values of their relevant faction

It will help if your character is already the leader of a group relevant to the order hall, though it is not a requirement.

The IC requirements are honestly less than half of the battle. Like a guild master, the Order Hall leaders will need to promote RP within their Order Hall, as well as take control of the day-to-day operations of the Order Halls. What we’re looking for you as a player is:

1. Consistently active and engaging in RP (not necessarily on your main character, we want to see you as a person)
2. Not looking at leadership as a position of power
3. Will need to promote Order Hall RP and actively encourage others to take part in events (not necessarily ran by you)
4. Not trying to “win” RP or flex authority over others
5. In good standing with the community

Running an active guild with consistent presence in RP will go a long way to showing us you can handle it.

Like I said, the requirements on you as a player are nearly doubly important than the ones on your character. If we OOCly find someone abusing the power given to them by intentionally driving people away from the RP surrounding the Order Hall, the Staff reserves the right to immediately demote your character and remove you from the council. We’re putting a lot of trust into the community, and we know you guys can handle it. We just need to make it extremely clear that we won’t suffer IC or OOC abuses of authority if it diminishes RP for the rest of the Order Hall.

In order to make sure everything goes smoothly, each order hall will have at least 1 GM as a liaison between the leaders and the rest of the staff. In times of IC dispute, they will control an NPC that will have the last say if a middle ground can’t be agreed on. For example, an unsolvable dispute in the Death Knight class hall would be resolved by Darion Mograine. Other than that, our intention is that these Order Halls will be entirely player run, with the events relating to the Garrison Campaign being dealt with by the staff overseeing that particular hall.  

If there are any questions or further thoughts about order halls/leaders, please do not hesitate to reach out either through CtS or private messaging a staff member you are comfortable communicating with. At the end of the day, we are working to make this a system that will make Legion fun and exciting for everyone involved.

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