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Aphetoros, Avitz, Bhamarim

Oh boy
Hi hello!

I used to roleplay on CotH, now it looks like I'll have to dedicate some parts of my week to roleplaying here...

I started roleplaying at the start of 2009. I did theater as a kid, and played tons of video games and read even more books, so there's lots of interest to attribute to those facts. I joined CotH early 2010, and that was my main roleplaying experience. Alongside it I did a bunch of writing projects which could and should pass as roleplaying as well, though mostly science fiction in setting.

IRL I'm an AI researcher, I'm doing a bit of game dev with an ex-CotHie who's now my closest friend, and also doing a bunch of other stuff - still in the shallow waters of exploring what I want to do with my life, but slowly and certainly converging towards AI in one form or the other.

If anyone wants to talk about anything at all, hit me up either via e-mail or Discord. (Kirabo#1728)

Thanks for having me!

Also, huge s/o to Flammos/Ellariel for pointing me this way!
Who is the other CotHie researching and developing AIs that will destroy us all?


Edit: Oh good I misread that. Who is the other game developer?
He's not in on the AI story quite yet, but is active in video game development... (well, moreso video game-related development, check this, this, and this out) He'll almost certainly be joining this community soon, so you'll get to hear from him directly I hope!
Hoo boy, Love Can Bloom. I approve greatly. Also, welcome! And welcome to all others who come here in your wake.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Already greeted you (heartily) on Discord, but hi!

Welcome to Freedom! I'm very glad to see you around again. Big Grin
Hi there! Welcome!
"Can you do that vegetable thing?" - Mirran to Kazuni 2k17
"Swift fighters, I applaud the efforts. But I am far sturdier than a meme man." - Malthik Dren, 2k18
"I suppose I'm going to bed with my shame tonight." - Rishladir 2k18
Thanks guys! You're all way too kind. <3
Hey hey! Welcome to freedom Big Grin
[Image: giphy.gif]
Welcome to the server. Wink

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