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New Changes for Freedom
Hey everyone, just wanted to update you all with some new changes that will be happening over the next few months.

New Progression System - QUPS

We're introducing the quantifiable unique progression system, QUPS for short. All loot items will be scrapped and instead XP will be given to the players, which they will be able to spend to unlock new abilities and level them up. Each regular event loot items are worth 1XP point, and legendary items are worth 2XP points. Each ability has a max of 10 levels, beginning at level 0. Level 1 costs 20XP, and each level the cost increases by an additional 20XP.

Switch-roles Day

Every first day of the fourth month on the English calendar will be Switch-roles Days, where players and staff switch places for a day, and the 24-hour day GMs have the ability to overturn, ban or unban anyone they way for the entire day.

New Player Classes

Mage Revenant

-They play like a Paladin but instead of the holy light they use Arcane, and additionally they get their arcanic abilities directly from the World-Soul's soul.

Dragon Hunter

-This new class marks the player as a master dragon hunter, an adventurer that has killed plenty of dragons. The difference between the Dragon Hunters and the regular, ol', boring adventurers, is that Dragon Hunters absorb the soul of the dragon they kill, making them stronger and giving them 50XP. Killing player dragons provides between 250XP-500XP depending on the kind of dragonkin, and lore dragons 1500XP each.

New Player Races


-They are an applicable race that must have been birthed before the dragonflight became impotent, and their parents have to be a pre-existing player.


-These worgens are especially great at worgens, particularly corrupted by the worgen curse. They've grown and mutated tails, as well as developed their own culture of glomping and awoo-ing


-These beings hail from one of the moons of Azeroth, the Blue Moon. The Legion has invaded the moon and forced the Khitaaj people out of their homes. They are a neutral race that excels at commerce, sneaking, stealing, and, funnily enough, catching mice. They resemble felines and come in various shapes and sizes. Player Khitaaj are bound to only one variant though, that being the house cat variant.

Race Restriction

We are no longer allowing High Elves as a playable race, many of them died during Theramore so we believe they are too rare to be played

Minor Lore Retcon

Because of the high volumes of players who have not been able to play retail in a lore perspective throughout Cataclysm we will be retconning current lore and reverting back to Cataclysm, the best expansion of the entire game.

What does that mean for Freedom?

It means that on the first of the fourth month, we as the staff have decided to host these changes effective immediately on the 31st of April.


Its april fools somewhere in the world</small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small> <small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small>Except it isnt</small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small>
y'all a day late
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<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Chalker</dt><dd>Apr 2 2017, 03:19:50 PM</dd></dl><div>y'all a day late[/quote]You've got -500XP for that comment.


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