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Morphs and Legion Artifacts
Hey guys, this announcement is with concern to morphs and their compatibility with artifacts. We have given leeway when it comes to morph class combinations in the past but we feel it would be irresponsible not to post this for the general population of players to see. To put it plainly,more extreme morphs will be put under more scrutiny when it comes to receiving artifacts over regular player characters.

For example, we will not be allowing feral worgen to go for any of the monk artifacts, and we would not allow demons or anything of the sort to go for the Warlock artifacts. These two examples come from different reasoning, the first being that the items in question and morphs would be incompatible. The second example whilst compatible would not make much sense on an IC level. Why would the class halls trust a demon to carry an artifact when they could so easily turn and use it against the people of the world.

Morphs we are more likely to accept would be something akin to Arakkoa receiving the shadow priest artifact, or a Vrykul receiving Warswords of the Valarjar and Scale of the Earth Warder, not only are they compatible and have lore to back up why they would fit the artifact, it would also make sense on a cultural level why they would go for such an item. For those worried about not getting any artifact at all on a morph character, keep in mind we will be allowing custom artifacts as well as ascending some lore items to Artifact Status.

If you have any concerns with your characters compatibility with an Artifact we would advise you consider if the morph in question might be outlandish for the item, if you are still unsure we recommend making a CtS. It would be unfair for you to main a character throughout the rest of WoD hoping to be considered for an artifact only to be told only to be told you weren't eligible.

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