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Mod Native - A longshot
DERP EDIT - I was wanting to embed these images into the thread through Imgur, that failed. Here, have an imgur album.

[url="http://imgur.com/a/hDTTN"><s></s>Fabulous Naga within

OKAY. So I've asked this question in the passed and naturally got a few shrugs out of this, pimping Naga and other certain races out to have looks of armour and such.

I've also had a few shrugs as to if this is possible - I'm mostly doing this thread as to have something formally written down to say it's not possible/not a simple thing to accomplish.

First things first, several disclaimers.

1. Yes. I am using a Legion priv server to demonstrate this. The NPC model used (A naga hatchling) was useable for this exactly process on WoD cores as well, I sadly cannot find any servers that haven't already done the hop to Legion however to provide you solid proof.

2. No, this is not the typical 'Morph' command. I can't exactly explain how beyond 'It modifies the native id of the character model'.

3. Yes, I'm aware of custom NPCs and I'm aware that they cannot sadly be used for this process.

4. Yes. The Topic Tags are not a lie, Zashar in a dress lies within. (Or at least inevitable legion model Zashar anyway...)

<IMG src="https://imgur.com/4jFDtuA"><s>[img]</s>[url="https://imgur.com/4jFDtuA">https://imgur.com/4jFDtuA[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG>

So, with you all mentally scared, introducing exhibit A - Morphing. Blue circle just to make it clear one of them is a player model and I've decided not to spawn two naga for giggles.

<IMG src="https://imgur.com/O7pSCDf"><s>[img]</s>[url="https://imgur.com/O7pSCDf">https://imgur.com/O7pSCDf[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG>

And Exhibit B using the mod native command.

<IMG src="https://imgur.com/xfJ5nBw"><s>[img]</s>[url="https://imgur.com/xfJ5nBw">https://imgur.com/xfJ5nBw[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG>

That's really all I can say, as I'm not sure how the internal coding for private server cores work (or if they're open source, else I would probably give it a shot myself), but I'm throwing this out there just to say it's possible.
In Legion, Naga do get a native model. That's what I think part of the difficulty is in bringing it to WoD. Both male and female will be able to equip armor just fine. I've done what I could to insert the new Naga model onto the native table, yet I'm unsure exactly how to fully add it in or if it's possible. People have supposedly got it working on WotLK servers, but since the change from MPQ libraries to the internal CASC, it's much more difficult to get it done.

Though if you wanna try and get savvy with it and lend a hand on getting naga up and running, I'm down for helping out!

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