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So... new issue. I have everything downloaded as the guide says, and I can start WoW. I have double backed and checked the config file multiple times, it is named correctly and i have the right server name. It also mentions my log in name for this server which means i pulled something from trying, but it tells me i can't log in with the info i provided. I know for a fact that the username and password i used to log into the freedom portal page is the same. I also use the @freedom.com tag. Any advice?
Have you made an account for in game using [url="http://mm.wowfreedom-rp.com:8080/"><s></s>http://mm.wowfreedom-rp.com:8080/ ?
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Just making sure, you did follow through with step;

4.2 Create in-game through our homepage account under "User->Settings->Create in-game account"


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