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Legion Invasions
Its that time everyone! With the failure on the Broken Shore, it means the Legion is set to run rampant all over the world. That means almost every zone ingame is open to be attacked by the Legion in some way. This will b e ahuge ongoing thing, going on until our victory on Argus. Yes, Legion invasions can happen for the entire duration of the expansion! Before everyone goes off and starts their attacks however, I do wanna lay down some ground rules.
1. Legion Invasions can indeed happen every where, save for capital cities and Broken Isle zones. The zones capital cities are in ok to invade but the invasion should not reach inside the city itself. Broken Shore zones will be open for invasion when we get to 7.2.

2. When using named demons, please to look them up first and see their role in Legion. Players should generally ask the staff if they want to use a famous named demon. While the staff won't generally forbid you from using them, there are a couple who play special roles in this xpac and should not be leading invasions.

3. ST's that are in the Trust System are free to host Legion Invasions at any time as long as they ask a Staff Member first(you do not have to make a CTS. You can either DM a staff member or do a QFS) and the people within the zone are ok with it. ST's should also not attack player made locations without asking for permission first. ST's who are not in the Trust system MUST still make a CTS however for their invasions.

4. Any loot that may drop must still be passed along to staff.

And that should be all guys. Have fun with this and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask

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