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Legion, Artifacts, and Order Hall Information - Part 6
Hey everyone! It’s been a while since anyone posted an infodump, but with BRF done, we’re back into the swing of preparing for Legion once again. This week, we’re mostly taking care of some housekeeping, but we’re also completely rehashing how Order Halls will work, announcing 2 new artifacts, and talking about AU Draenor during Legion.

Let’s knock the big one out. Previously, we stated that the canon artifact wielders would be the leaders of their respective order hall, and so in order to be considered for one of those artifacts, your character had to have leadership qualities. This will no longer be the case, and we’ll be completely changing how Order Hall leadership will be functioning.

When Legion starts, all player characters, regardless of if they wield a custom artifact, a canon artifact, or no artifact at all, will be considered to be champions of their order halls. This will remain the case for the entirety of the 7.0 Order Hall campaigns, which means that NPC’s will be the leaders of the order halls until that time. Once the Order Hall campaign finishes, artifact wielders (both custom and canon) will be able to apply to have a seat on a council for that particular order hall. It is not required of artifact wielders to be on that council if they wish to remain a champion, but they should respect the authority of the council. Only those who show promise for leadership will be considered for the council.

We feel this is the fairest way to include as many people as possible to be considered for each artifact. The council members will be decided by the staff and ICly appointed by the main NPC leaders for the Order Hall. As a reminder, each order hall will be directly run by a staff member in an OOC, event-running capacity. Ideally, it will be an Order Hall they are not directly a part of.

With that out of the way, let’s get into something new! A few months back, we announced that we were working on two new warrior artifacts, since thematically the others were extremely thematically focused on Vrykul and Humans, which alienates nearly every horde race and a number of Alliance races. Though we haven’t settled on effects for them yet, today we’d like to announce that the two new artifacts will be Gorehowl, legendary weapon of Grom Hellscream, and The Axe of Cenarius, wielded by Broxigar Saurfang, and the only mortal weapon to ever wound Sargeras.

These weapons will be available to Warriors of any “spec”, but we’ll be taking into account the themes behind the weapon:

Gorehowl is the most iconic weapon of the orcs, used to liberate them from the control of the demons forever. It lends itself perfectly to someone who inspires their allies to fight harder with their own incredible feats of strength.

The Axe of Cenarius was bestowed to Broxigar the Red by Malfurion with the blessing of the demigod Cenarius. In his hands, thousands of demons were cut down, and even the Dark Titan himself was struck back to the great dark. This weapon is made for someone who is a force of nature on the battlefield, perfectly designed to destroy demons without remorse.

If you’re a warrior and were greatly disappointed by the lack of variety in artifacts (as we all were), then keep these in your sights. Once the effects are ready, we’ll post the first traits for you all to peruse.

On that same subject, custom artifact requests are now OPEN. Please keep an eye out for the official announcement that will have the format you need to use, as well as some more information. Once that’s posted, feel free to go ahead and apply through CTS.

Next up is AU Draenor, and how we’ll be handling the portal closing. As I’ve explained before, canonically, the portal closes immediately after Hellfire Citadel. Without explanation, everyone just packs up and leaves, then the portals close. From our perspective, this unnecessarily cuts off potential RP on Draenor in the midst of the single greatest Legion invasion in history. We debated about it quite a bit, and we all agreed that while we do have to close the connection to AU Draenor some time in Legion, we have some wiggle room to provide some good RP in the meantime.

To that end, we are officially stating that the connection to AU Draenor will be cut the moment that Gul’dan dies in the Nighthold Raid. This is the end of 7.1 content, for context. Our justification here is that Gul’dan is the last element binding the two timelines, and the reverberation across time from his death will cause the connection to be cut. At that time, anyone from the Main Timeline that is still in the Alternate Draenor will be forcefully transported back to Azeroth. Characters from the Alternate Timeline that are on Azeroth or in Outland will not be forcefully transported back to AU Draenor, but will be permanently cut off from returning. As a reminder, if you wish to have your AU character come to Azeroth permanently, we NEED to have a CTS from you, or else they will not be allowed to be on this side of the portal.

During the extra time that AU Draenor is available, we encourage ST’s to run Legion-themed events in the alternate timeline. No Lore Characters from the AU will be coming over to our time, so please keep that in mind.

As one final note, we want to remind everyone to make sure that they have posted their intentions for mains in this thread: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Thread-Legio...Intentions

We’ll be consulting that thread moving into Legion, so if you don’t make your intentions known, we can’t consider you for an artifact we have no clue that you want.

That’s all for now, our next major update to all this will likely come after HFC, so stay tuned for then.

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