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Just a note about Legion, Demons, and Demonic Guilds
This announcement is just me reminding people that while I appreciate the interest in creating demons and by proxy villain characters, I can't help but feel this is because of the Legion content and lore coming out recently. Keep in mind, it will be a few years or so at most before we arrive at that content and that if your planning to use or make a character that will tie into that to think in realistic terms if that character will still be around. Or even if you will still have the drive to play that character. I'm not doing this to dissuade or punish anyone but it will be a long wait and we have many other story lines to go through before we even get an inkling of the Legion again. For some of these morphs, you guys have worked hard and written a lot to acquire them and I hate to think your all doing this work in hopes we will getting to Legion soon. While I believe we will one day reach Legion, again it will not be for awhile. So when you play or create your character and want to use it in Legion, think if you can wait that long for your character to become fully relevant in the main storyline.

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