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Item Limits in Events
Hey everyone,

This is something we’ve been wanting to address for a while, most of all with lifting the amount of relics a person can possess from three to unlimited. We don’t want events to become bogged down with someone attempting to use every item within their arsenals. So while the amount of items you can own is unlimited, we will be placing limits on how many items you can bring to an event.

Just like in retail, we will be limiting your ‘load out’ equipment. Players will be allowed to bring 2 rings, 2 trinkets, a necklace, and a max of 3 relics per event, plus their weapon, artifact and enchant effects. Enchant effects, while rare, do exist and whatever armor slot they are in is considered taken up. This will mean having to pick and choose what items your characters will bring with them on their adventures and will rely on a trust system. Keep in mind, however, that we will pick up on people who are using more than what’s allowed.

We know there are a fair few characters who have the ability to summon their equipment to them and don’t want to take that ability away, thus we will allow you to swap your load out once per event and only once. That means once your character swaps their equipment, they are stuck with it for the rest of the event, so choose when to do this wisely. This can only be done after combat is complete and not during combat.

For weapons, we understand certain characters can swap them in and out using magic. While there is no official staff ruling on this, we ask that you use common sense. Don’t try to min/max. As with the above, they can only be swapped out after combat and Artifacts cannot be swapped.

We also understand there will be the argument of explaining an OOC restriction as an IC thing. “Well my character has ten fingers so why can’t I use ten rings?”. Simply put, stacking so many magical items and their effects on each other is a bad idea. Here is a PSA from your favorite mage group:

“Too many items in one area will cause magic to cancel each other out and effects will not function properly. The Kirin Tor has found that limiting yourself to two pieces of magical jewelry on your hands, one necklace and two magical baubles elsewhere on your body should be fine. One too many will cause you to explode even. Layering magical items ON each other is a BAD idea.”

As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please reach out to a staff member!
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