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It's about time
Hey Folks,

I've been here on freedom since 2009 and a GM since 2011 and I finally feel it's my time to, step down from the latter. I've been doing this for nearing a decade now and for multiple reasons i'm stepping down. The biggest and I feel most important is I simply can't afford the same level of time and commitment to Freedom in a Staff capacity as I would feel is fair to you all as players, and to the other staff members as a fellow GM. It's not a bad leaving from the position but one I feel is needed for my, life going forward, i'm finishing my first level of degree in College and that means whatever comes next will require far more of my time and focus, atop my desire to focus more on my personal life. 

Of course i'll still be around and still be RPing and leading what guilds I have, and some that I've got in the works, so don't expect me to go and vanish just yet. 

But it's been grand serving you all as a GM through the good and bad, and I look forward to hanging out and rping with everyone, as always.
I'll miss you Kukamang, you were a great GM who managed to handle situations effectively and always with a cool attitude, I wish you luck going forward in life and hope you ace your degree and personal stuff. Hope to see you on in rp more often. Thanks for all the hard work over the years, and helping us Cothers integrate into the community.

Happy to have you join us lowly peons -- err, uh, freedomers.
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As one who vouched so heavily for you when we first hired you onto the staff, and being the only one still around from that staff.. I just want to say, Jordan, I'm proud of you. You've weathered through a lot, and some of the worst times Freedom has seen. We all have our flaws, and we've all had our struggles as staff members.. but you grew and became an amazing one over the years.

You know you're like a brother to me. After I stepped down, I've been nothing but proud of the way you handled yourself as a GM, and I'm especially proud to see you step down on your terms and in good spirits. We all eventually hit that point that we need to step away, and you should be proud of all you've done and accomplished. It's been a long road, and Freedom wouldn't be nearly the same without you.

Take care of yourself, Jordan, and hopefully your love for this home and community stays strong. It's a precious feeling to know you helped foster something that has stayed this strong, for this long. Don't forget that feeling. I'm just very glad you're planning to stick around, and hopefully plenty of new memories will still be on the horizon. Usually I prefer sending sappy stuff like this in private, but I know how much it meant to me to be able to look back at things said when I stepped down as well. So I'm sorry for being so publicly mushy, heh.

You'll always be among my closest of friends. I love ya', and always will.
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welcome back to us in the pits, my lad
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