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[Important]WOD server Soft launch and MOP Cloak Storyline&#3
Hey everyone just letting you all we are ready for a SOFT launch of WOD. That means people can begin to roleplay and use the server as they do the MOP one. Keep in mind we are still testing and adding some things so the server may be down every once in awhile. However, for events we recommend you still use the MOP server. The upcoming Scarlet Monastery events will be on the MOP server.

Once the main storyline starts up again on August 20th we shall transfer completely over to WOD, barring nothing goes wrong.

Keep in mind that you should not be going Draenor for any reason. You cannot RP there yet nor do we want people just running around without a reason. The zones are completely devoid of NPCs

Finally on the topic of WOD, we are getting new models on this server. However, many of them are from Draenor before it became Outland. Thus for right now, not everything can be applied for. This is a list of creatures that can come from Prime Universe Draneor and be applied for as a morph.







Once we get into the actual WOD storyline, this list may change accordingly.

Rolling back to the MOP storyline, I have an important announcement about the Legendary Cloaks and its storyline. Normally for xpac legendaries, the staff does not reveal its methods on how we decide who gets what though most of you can probably figure it out. It’s a combo of activity and how well a character fits the current weapon or item and how responsible we feel a player themselves have been shown to be.

However, we have run into an issue with MOP. As it stands, only Horde or Alliance players will be able to get the Legendary Cloaks. I do not like limiting legendaries to a faction but since the storyline to obtain is so heavily involved in the Horde vs Alliance war, this cannot be hand waved.

I ask if you are interested in obtaining a legendary cloak to please become active on a Horde or Alliance character. While this by no means guarantees you a cloak, it may put you in the running. We have divided the cloak by 6 categories. They are Agility DPS, Strength DPS, Healing, Agility tank, Strength tank, Magic DPS. Each side will have 6 cloaks each meaning 12 legendaries cloaks in total. We hope more Alliance and Horde characters become active so we can give out all these cloaks. There is still a bit a ways to go until we reach the questline starting point so get out there and prove to a certain black whelp you deserve his attention.


Also please DO NOT, equip or use any of the lore items that may be in the normal or custom mall. These include any legendaries, unavailable legendary/lore items, and the purple versions of the MOP legendary cloaks. This also includes the WOD challenge mode weapons as we plan to give them out. If you are unsure if an item is a lore/legendary weapon, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member.
Updated the annoucment

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