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[Important] The rest of the Year's Outlook
Hey guys, as 2016 winds down so will the main event storylines but that doesn't mean Ffeedom itself is slowing down. This post will let you know whats going in the near future for the server.

Main Events ending in November, followed by Christmas Break

As you have noticed, we have not taken a break since the end of Townlong back in the summer. This is because I wanted to finsh up the zones and 5 mans before the year is closed so we can jump into end game content by 2017. I'm glad to say this has been a success. Now I know burn out is a very real thing and let me soothe those fears by saying we will be having a nice long break this year. Let me lay out the event plan for you.

This weekend Nov 4th-5th: Dreadwaste Finale events. This will be the last of Dreadwastes we will see for awhile in the main storyline. However, we probably will open up the Klaxxi Dailies for STs to do.

Next week, Nov 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th: This will be Golden Lotus week. There will be 2 small events on Monday Nov 7th and Wednesday Nov 9th dealing with the Golden Lotus, followed by two big events on Nov 11th and Nov 12th. Nov 12th will Mogu'shan Palace, our second to last 5 man.

Third week of Nov, Nov 19th: Jade Temple. This will be the final main storyline event for the year and the official start of our break. This will be the FINAL main storyline 5 man we do until WOD.

Nov 26th: This will be a small Thanksgiving event hosted by me. I am trying to do more holiday events.

Dec: Sometime here I will also host a Christmas event.

Dec 17th: Scholomance will FINALLY be done.

Jan 2017: This is when the break will end we will begin to start the raids. Stay tuned for dates and details on how we will handle the raids.

Christmas Contest 2016

If you where here last year, you will remember I hosted a Christmas writing contest and gave out some nifty prizes for those who won. I'm glad to say we will once again be hosting a Christmas contest this year and details and rules will be coming in at the end of Nov.

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