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[Important] New Loot Rules
Hey Everyone,

The staff wanted announce changes being made to the loot system, as well as make a very important note.

Free Roll will no longer be a feature in future raids at this time. Previously items that were not rolled upon in raids or dungeons went to free roll where after primary loot was done, anyone could roll on free roll items regardless if they got a primary item previously. However, we are no longer going to be using that, and instead all free roll items will go to the Blackmarket.

The Blackmarket can be accessed by blackmarket tokens passed out at GM-hosted events. The player can request to go to the Blackmarket (outside of event-time) and The Blackmarket runner (the staff) randomly selects two mounts, and selects three items fitting to the character, their class, or the current expansion the server is on, and allows the player to pick one out of those five items. The blackmarket token is used up and cannot be reused.

We feel this will help mitigate issues we have been experiencing with free-roll which is loot saturation of loot that is not being used.

Important Notes about Loot:

I wanted to make a few important notes about loot, Firstly and specifically about when you go up for loot. Please do not go up for loot if you do not intend to use it, and more specifically I ask to be considerate of others, just because you can use something doesn't mean you should. What I mean by that is, when going up for loot, especially now that free roll is no longer going to be used, go for loot that is fitting for your character, and consider if it's something necessary to the character.

Secondly, we will be employing Diablo rules with regards to rings and trinkets, which means no more than two rings and two trinkets can be used in encounters, anything more will negate the effects.

Finally, with regards to raids and other events at the DM/GMs discretion, for characters who have not gotten any loot, they will be given a black market token

EDIT: With regards to the token we will be testing this system out in the up coming raid, it may be subject to change depending.
In regards to the rings/trinkets rule, does this apply to necklaces? I've never played Diablo, and Rohanne has like three necklaces.
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The rule applies to necklaces too.
But how does that make realistic sense when you can wear multiple rings? Considering we have a full hand to put rings on, it should be fair to allow us to wear multiple.

I do not intend to sound greedy and continue to roll on loot until I have ten rings on each finger, but I don't want to feel like I'm restricting myself for balancing issues like an rpg video game.

There is a difference between telling players to restrict their usage and forcibly denying them the use of things.

With an over saturation of gear flowing outward to the players, they will have many rings and gear to use so using multiple rings seems valid at this point. Perhaps the lessening of gear might be a better solution than limiting players themselves on what they can and cannot do.

The value of loot would mean more if we had it limited and felt like we earned and deserved it. Instead of it being a cooldown, have it be a recharge by doing minor task like "put it in water for an hour to recharge it's effect" so it gives it a life and story behind the object.

Overall, I just don't think it should fall on a rule to put on people. It should be the duty of the staff to ensure the steady and right loot that is trickled down as we head down this path.
To clarify we aren't saying you can only have two rings forever or just for an entire event. We are saying that for each combat encounter in an event you are limited to using two ring effects. So if you had 10 rings, you could take the one or two off if you have used their effect and replace them with two more rings after the combat encounter is over to prepare for the next one. This is a balancing issue, to make events fair for both players and DMs alike.
Bump, for an edit to the final point on the Black Market Token

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