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[Important] FAQs

1. Server Type: What kind of a server is Freedom? 

A: Freedom is a Roleplaying Server.

2. Is Roleplay a Requirement: Do you have to roleplay to be on the server or a part of the community?

A: It s not a requirement to roleplay on the server, however we do not have the functionality for other major game content. Such as, raiding, PvP, dungeons, questing, leveling 

3. Never Roleplayed Before: Can I still join Freedom even if I am inexperienced in RPing, or it’s my first time RPing?

A: Yes, you are still able to roleplay on the server even if you are new, and we do not allow for players to be turned away based on their level of experience in RP. We also encourage our players to help and teach new RPers, and mentor them. We encourage you, to ask questions if ever you feel you are unsure about an RP situation, or lore and should talk to a GM. 

4. Freedom Rules: You are called Freedom, does that mean there are no rules? 

A: Freedom gets its name from the very beginning of the server when the first Administrator of the server created a PVE/PVP/RP server, roughly seven years ago. Freedom does have rules that have changed over time, which you can find in this section of the Forums: 

5. Transferring Characters From Other Servers: Do you allow players to transfer characters from one RP server, or RP community to Freedom?

A: This is done on a case-by-case basis, so you should ask us in the ‘Contact the staff’ section as linked below. 


Note that generally we don’t allow things that have majorly impacted server lore to come over. E.g. if your character founded some warlock cult on another server, they can’t bring that cult over with them.

6. Custom Lore: Do you allow custom lore?

A: We do allow some Custom Lore but it must ALWAYS be discussed to and with the GMs in the Contact the Staff section: 

7. Canon Lore: Do you follow canon lore?

A: We generally follow canon closely, but we also give room for custom storylines for players, or additions to the lore that isn’t greatly expanded upon in canon lore. 

8. Canon Lore: If you follow canon lore, then why are some Zones completely different than the canon lore? For example: The Eldre’Thalas Horror in Dire Maul, taking over the whole instance? 

A: Freedom has been around for seven or so years, and throughout a bulk of that history, there was stagnation on the development side of the server, so custom storylines became heavily relied upon. Additionally, several years ago, the staff was completely different than what it is currently, and some staff members, in the previous years, have allowed a more loose-interpretation of lore, as well as larger overarching custom storylines. 

9. Server Wide Lore Reset: Why not reset the lore for the server, to make it fit easily to canon or accommodate for newer people? 

A: Freedom as a whole, is an older community, and has more custom lore than the average RP server, however a Server-wide Lore reset would affect many of the players whose characters were very personally affected by some custom lore. We as the Staff, want to help accommodate both new AND old players, and are trying to bridge the gap between the two groups. As we continue doing Mists of Pandaria we are not allowing major custom lore storylines affect the lore for Pandaria. 

10. Doing a Zone That’s Been Done: Can I request a lore retcon for a Zone that’s quests have been done? 

A: No, we don’t usually allow lore retcons for zones, on the basis that it can alter previous characters having been apart of those quests, alternatively we are open to discussing the possibility of a soft-reset, just send us a CtS thread! 

11. Soft-Reset vs. Server or Zone Wide Retcon: What’s the differences between soft reset and server/zone-wide retcons? 

A: A soft reset does not remove previous lore or custom lore and say it never happened. It simply allows the zone to return to a state it normally would under the preface that whatever beings would naturally be there have taken it over again. 

A: Server/Zone-wide retcons removes all previous lore, and sets the area/server to a state of retail lore. 

12. Player Houses and Bases: How does player housing and bases for guilds work on Freedom?

A: If anyone wants a player house we asks players to look around at already existing housing. There are houses spawned that are unused, and if you want to make sure it’s unused then you may ask the staff about it, so we can verify! If there are no player houses that currently exist that would makes sense for your character, you may ONLY ask Staff Members to build a house for you. If you are an ST you are required to ask the staff before building for personal use. (GMs Only) 

With guild bases, we ask that players remain active, and those in their guild to be active, and we prefer for the base to be made over time ICly, it’s not required but it is preferred. We ask that if you have to go inactive to let us know especially if it’s for a temporary amount of time. If the inactivity persists then the Staff reserves the right to view each base as a case by case basis, and which may result in the base being taken away. 

13. Connection Guide for Freedom: How do I connect to the server? Is there an all encompassing guide?

A: Yes there is! You can find it here: 

14. Storytellers:  What is a Storyteller? 

A: Storytellers are those who applied to create RP through storylines. They are granted powers to spawn npcs, and objects, and they have a list of commands to help their storyline.

15. Applying for Storyteller: Where can I apply to be a Storyteller?

A: You can apply here: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Forum-Storyteller-Requests

Before you apply please check out the Rules and Application Format: 


16. What core are we on?

A: We are using the 6.2.4 WoD Trinity Core. 

17. What content are we on?

A: We are presently on WoD Content

18. Who are the staff, and how can we contact them? 

A: You can find the list of staff members, both GMs and Trial-GMs and their contact information here: 

19. If I had an idea for a storyline or had questions about lore concept and I wanted to ask the staff as a whole, where could I contact them? 

A: You can contact us in the Contact the Staff Section: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Forum-Contact-the-Staff

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