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[Important]Dual Boxing and You
As we inch ever closer to the end of Mists and are about to hit some lore heavy events and raids, people have been asking those DMing the main event if they can Dual Box. The answer is yes but with some restrictions. I understand players may have more then one character invested in the MoP storyline. With how its crafted, its hard not to have a Alliance and Horde character effected by the event taking place and wanting to do something on each.

But as I said there has to be restrictions on this. They are as follows.

1. Only one of your characters may roll on a killing blow. Furthermore if you already got a killing blow in the event, you may not roll again on the character who did not. This is for fairness for other players. It is not fair for other players who did not bring another character to an event to allow someone else to basically get two chances at a killing an enemy or to be able to kill two different enemies twice.

2. Only one of your characters may get loot at the end of a Raid or Dungeon Event. Again this for fairness. If you intend to bring two characters to an event, be sure to know which one you want loot on. We do give out a loot list at the end of every raid/dungeon so you will be able to figure out beforehand which pieces of loot will fit one of the characters you bring.

3. Should a raid fill up, you will be asked to remove one of your characters. As we get closer to end of Mists, there is a real possibility we may end up with a full raid. The past few events alone have almost brought us to 30 people, 10 away from the max. So I ask you please understand that your second characters spot may need to be cleared if there is not enough room for players who are only bringing one character.

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