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[Important] BFA Core / End of Legion
Hi everyone,

We’ve waited a while to announce this, as it was a topic of intense discussion among the staff team. In the end, we have decided that for the good of the server we will be ending the Legion expansion preemptively, and moving to a BFA core starting May 31st. This may sound drastic, or as if it’s coming out of left field, but we’ve dealt with so many issues with Legion as an expansion. The reasons for this are manifold, but one of the prime reasons is that there is too much content left in Legion, and we do not feel we are making appropriate progress due to the sheer amount of player progression that occurs while storyline progress is minimal. When we realized that development on the BFA core was almost finished, we decided it was time to make the jump.

Because of this, not only are we skipping to BFA, we are wiping the server of all characters, and past history. Any previous lore will be no longer admissible, but we will accept CTSes for lore that players wish to transfer. Doing this will allow the server to have a fresh start, because Freedom’s history is too bloated, and our existing characters are too powerful to bring into BFA. We will likely not be accepting any applications to transfer existing characters in effort to encourage new character concepts, but we are allowing people to apply for transfers anyway as it may be possible to adjust them to fit the new server post-wipe.

Seeing as BFA is a totally different landscape, making new characters will allow people to participate in the war effort when many of the current characters (Wrenard excluded - blue made me add this) wouldn’t, which allows us to run the BFA expansion without making any changes to the story. This is great for the server because it allows us to experience some of Blizzard’s best writing in recent years without tainting it with custom content that would make it hard for new players to join in. 

One issue with BFA we needed to figure out before we could announce this is the Heart of Azeroth. Because BFA is structured around the Heart of Azeroth, we thought it would be unfair to give it to one player, and we couldn’t find a way to make it possible for multiple players to wield it. Because of this, Zackaroth has agreed to return from his RP hiatus to play Zackaroth, now the Hero of Azeroth, who will lead the other heroes as wielder of the Heart of Azeroth. This decision was made to ensure that no one fights over the Heart of Azeroth or feels upset. In certain events, Zackaroth may allow another player to hold onto the Heart of Azeroth, returning it at the end of each event.

While we will be moving to the BFA core on May 31st, we won’t start the storyline right away. People will have time to set up new characters, as we’ll be starting right at the end of Legion. During this time, we’re trying something else. We will be attempting a FreedomClassic server, which will run as an experiment during this Summer break (Likely until September.) This server will start at the beginning of vanilla WoW and go up until TBC - we’re still ironing out the timeline on the events, so keep an eye out for that, as we’ll be asking storytellers to help run those events. 

Over the next few weeks, similar to our Legion Update threads, we’ll be announcing updates on Freedom: BFA as we have them ready for you. 
But we understand this is short notice, so in posting this we are also including below the template for a lore transfer request. Post these in the CTS forum when you have them ready, and we will go over them in each meeting. These will be open for the rest of the Summer. Prepare to wrap up any storylines currently on-going before May 31st, and we will start reviewing lore transfer requests immediately. 

Thanks for reading - we’re excited to bring this new chapter of Freedom to you all. Thanks to Crow and Kretol for their amazing work on the BfA core - we can’t wait to share it with you.


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