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[Important] About Dragons 2.0
Hello Freedom!

The staff is tentatively going over the possibility of Dragons being a playable race in the tier system.

So far we are only looking to consider pre-existing Drake characters to become a dragon through various methods:

Revamping an old morph app so that the age is much greater or on the cusp of becoming a dragon as a drake

Magically being aged, either through some magical rituals, or having been given some sort of book that could have brought them to dragon-hood.

Or alternative methods if a player has something not previously mentioned.

Finally this will only be of the four coloured flights. (Blue, Bronze, Green, and Red)

If you’re interested in it please make a CTS. NOT AN APPLICATION, we are intending to look over the concepts for said Dragon characters before we ask for an application.

These conditions will be considered for the CTS:

-Pre-existing Drakes only

-Can interact in social aspects but they should have a clear reason and purpose of going to some places (not bar-fly RPers)

-Can attend certain events but needs DM permission

-These are not to be adventurous characters (Adventurous means that you cannot attend most if not any event without DM discretion)

-All Dragons will be case by case basis

-We are largely looking for Dragon characters to be ones to facilitate RP in some fashion, not dictate an RP scene with their presence.

Depending, on the concept, we may or may not allow it. We will be incredibly stringent on these requests, and if the concept is approved, then and ONLY  then may someone make an application for a dragon.

Additionally we just want to emphasize that Dragon characters are not characters intended to be new to the world with no direction. These characters need a direction and a purpose. It is required that these characters have reason as to why they are going out and doing something. We do not want to see Dragon characters flying around without any real concept for the sake of socializing as such a concept will be flat-out denied.

Finally, if there are any concerns or criticisms that anyone would like to voice we would like to invite you to please make a CTS to voice these concerns. We will not be looking to counter every point or fear, but rather take in any criticism or concern and make sure to prevent that in this new system we are creating.

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