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I dun' guf'd.(What to do if you accedently update yo
So, I installed Hearthstone today and, well. Yay me: I accidentally updated my WoW Client. Is there any way to revert the process? Or will I have to download everything again?

EDIT: Fixed, I turned off auto-update and reverted the folder to a previous state. Online as I post.

Step by step:

  • Right click your WoW folder and click Properties, then Earlier Versions tab (Or however it is called on your computer, it should be easy to find)

  • Wait for it to load, and pick the one you think is the right one. Don't worry, you can pick versions from months ago, and you have multiple tries.

  • Right click it, and replace the updated folder AFTER YOU TURNED OFF AUTO UPDATES. To do that...

  • Open the Battle.net launcher, open the Settings windown, and go to Game Install/Update

  • Now, after you do this, battle.net will no longer have WoW in it's library for some reason, and so, I can't exactly remember what I clicked, but there should be an option to turn off updates specifically for WoW, so make sure to set it's auto update to NEVER.</span>

EDIT 2: Well, I added a more detailed step-by step. I know it's not -that- detailed, but I hope it helps if anyone comes across this.
Gonna Pin this, its a good fix for people who happen to make this mistake.

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