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Alright, so you may have noticed I haven't really been around for a week or so...

Long story short I had a serious drama week which, at first, resulted in me spending every single free second of my time, aka all the time that I had not being at work, either sleeping four hours a night or explaining to my sister why I am not a drug addict that's offering her room to local street gangs to share pot and shit in her bed.

The mind-numbing fact she'd whole-heartedly believe that bullshit from a random nobody that gave her a phonecall at 2am and didn't even introduce himself or say where he or she got her number is just..... No, I refuse to think about it lest I lose whatever little shred of sanity, humanity and moral conduit I still possess.


In the meantime I realized my PC was acting up, big time. Shutting down mysteriously, lighting up during the night, browser pages visited that I never even saw before, Opera bookmarks of the same nature, whatever... a lot of bullshit.

I was starting to feel like the star of a "I wasn't careful enough on the Deep Web" creepypasta, so I decided it was time for a system reinstall.

This came with a few consequences, good and bad. I will try to alternate for the fuck of it:

1. I got a clean PC - That's good!

2. I had to wipe it of all info, WoW and saved passwords and accounts included - That's bad...

3. I managed to retrieve or reset all necessary passwords and re-establish a foothold on the Internet - That's good!

4. I found out just how much effort I put, over time, in my last system which I now had to re-do asap - That's bad...

5. I reinstalled all the various drivers, chipset, 3d accelerator, redistributable package, libraries and shit over the course of THREE FUCKING DAYS - literally all I did was sleep, laundry, eat and work on my PC, but I did it! - That's good!

6. WoW was acting up like it did long ago so I had to spend a long time searching forums dating back to the first TBC patch of WoW, back in 2007 - That's bad...

7. I fucking did it and arranged my virtual memory so that now I can run WoW again. - That's good!

Bonus - Because I'm an opportunistic fucking bastard, I merged the two partitions on my PC into one and reduced the virtual memory from the 4 gigs I offered before to merely 2, aaaaand...

I had my patience and endurance rewarded with the fact that I can now FINALLY get the WoD models patch for MoP and slap it onto my client while also leaving my OS about four gigs of room to fuck around with temporary files. - THAT'S EXCELLENT!

So yeah, this is what I have been up to.

Oh, and also, I turned my boss from wanting to fire me to moving me to a different store to a more fruitful department because I have some friends there that can support me and soon I will be moving out of my house into a new part of town, alone and without my sister.

And if the conditions for that to happen are accomplished, aka I get my bank loan approved in the last week of this coming month, I will also get some things like a new PC, a bike, a copy of WoW and one of Diablo3, maybe some other funky shit.. you know! The basic greed/vanity shit that any modern day gamer wouldn't mind having in his library.

TL;DR - I missed you, I've been through shit, hell, and a dozen other bad words, and now I am finally back and want to RP. Please. I beg of you. HALP!

Love y'all also.

Welcome back!
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The pine tree wastes which is perched on the hill,
nor bark nor needles shelter it;
such is the man whom none doth love;
for what should he longer live?
I'd wondered what happened to you. Welcome back, and it's good to have you back.
"Subdue them. They will be calm after a good beating." -Polo (2015-2017)

"Sometimes I can't tell if you're driven or mad."


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Welcome back!! Shit will get fixed.
Welcome Back, and just to add to the list Bards are a playable Class =DDDD With a guide and everything so much stuff you have missed in your absence grasshoppah
The Iron-Team wondered where you went! I'm glad you're back friend!
If the A team wonders, Kataryn has taken a week long "pilgrimage" of sorts to travel randomly around and meditate at various shrines she would meet whilst taking the time she had otherwise in the wilds to practice her combat skills. Aka she was away, not learning new things, just getting used to what she already knows.

Cheap cop-out, I know, but it's better than to say "SHE SLEPT, and you just didn't see her. Ain' I right? hueh.

Kayn, also, gone to hell knows where to seek a place to begin his research.

Kyara still looking for traces of Thorald and Theavus, those two still gone, Keyndor hunting in the Blasted Lands, and Jaesera is home in Shattrath.

Shrrak is in the Forbidden Jungle licking his wounds, Faust is.. doing Faust stuff, y'know, not much to be said there...

And yeah... I guess that's it.

Also, got issues with WoW seeing how it doesn't render numerous feet models in game. Namely:

It doesn't show the soles of elves, gnomes, dwarves, humans, orcs or such, but does show the paws of Worgen, the hooves of Draenei and Tauren, the feet of goblins and forsaken and the paws of Pandaren. Sooo yeah. Notice the pattern? Yes, me too. The feet of the races that get alternative models for the said soles depending on whether or not they wear a type of boots or another. Aka - fingers for no feet items or sandals, normal for most boots and HOWEVER - it does show the feet when the bulky boots type is used, like the ones first introduced in Wrath.

Odd, right? Everything else works fine.

Gonna try seeing if 3D-Analyze can fix that and if not I'll visit the Technical Support page, heh... Damn pain in the soft spot.
Welcome back
Welcome back mate.

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