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Edgar, Morgoth, Reigen

I'm someone who RP'd back on retail, a long, long time ago, back in Lich King. Then I suddenly felt that I wanted to RP again in a WoW setting, and started to investigate, and learnt that private servers are apparently better.
So... hi, I'm Linitra.

I've no idea what sort of character I'll be playing, or anything really. Are the factions balanced, or is it mainly Alliance or Horde RP here? What's the latest fashion? Any guilds or anything to direct me to?
I'm currently downloading the stuff needed. Anyhow, hope you're all g.
Hey, Welcome to the server.

The Factions you'll see right now are Order Halls, we're in Legion so each faction is pretty specifically tied to their class. Skullhewer is the big Horde Guild, I don't think there is an Alliance equivalent.
Welcome to the server! There is plenty RP to be had, mostly I would suggest just picking a class and hang with people in the world and order halls. (Monk and Death Knight are the best imo)
(03-02-2020, 10:33 AM)Cerb57 Wrote: (Monk and Death Knight are the best imo)

A totally unbiased and objective opinion, huh Cerb? Wink

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