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You probably know me, you probably don't. How do you do, fellow RPers? It is I, Myomeme. You might've seen me in other lands and places, RPing dubious or C-grade characters but still somehow managing to at least be on someone's "this character is OK" list. Also, I shitpost. Hopefully, that won't send me down the eternal pit of oblivion.

Nice to make your acquaintance. Hope our journeys will be long and fun, and without rampant DCs.
Hello, Meow-meme! c:

I can see, that you're shitposting, because I just don't wanna believe you're being serious, when you say you're RPing C-Grade characters! I'm sure they're all nice to roleplay with. And hey, Freedom is a place to learn and experience new things, so you've come to the right place!

We also have a lot of other shitposters here, so you won't be frowned upon, I pwomise c;

Hope to see you ingame!
[Image: 20e4246739b5dacc0da4feffd26ebd35.gif]
Sesshin Heart

[Image: JQyOsxK.jpg]
Welcome to the server, happy to have you here. Variety is the spice of life. Here's hoping to meeting some of your unique and fun characters you have in the realm of rp.
Hey! Welcome to freedom!

If you have any questions feel free to ask ^^

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