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Hi, currently downloading the pandaWoW client and such so I have time to make an introduction. Anyway, I'm a long time WoW RPer, very familiar with the lore and such. I would like to know common addons used and if there is a thread that has links to said addons.

Going slightly more in detail I've been playing WoW in general since 05' but didn't start RPing on the retail servers until WotLK. But now I can't stand playing retail and so now play on a Vanilla private servers. I've also been on CotH and Prologue's private RP servers, so I've definitely seen my fair share of private servers.

I live in NA as well and play during West coast hours basically.
Welcome to Freedom, hope you like it here!
Heyooooo. Welcome to Freedom! A lot of addons are broken on our MoP server but it seems that we'll get some fixes when we launch into WoD.

Nice to have you here c:
That sounds fine. enough browsing the forums got me up to speed on what people use.
Some stand by Addons I use are 'Wow instant messenger' Elephant and Outfitter. Others have suggested 'Moggit' though. Hi by the way! I hope you enjoy the server! <E>Big Grin</E>
Hey there and welcome to the server! ^_^ If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to approach any member of the staff. We're always happy to help.
Welcome to the fold.
hi friend <E>Big Grin</E>D

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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