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Hallow's End Writing Contest 2017!
Hey guys. Normally every year we have a Winter Veil writing contest, with prizes for the three winners. This year we have decided to do things a little different. For 2017 we have decided to have a writing contest themed around Hallow's End instead. So write your spoopiest story and submit it in the Contest section of the forums! You have until 3pm, Oct 31st to post your story.

Also keep in mind this year we will be doing something different. Because of the issue we had last year with the gift cards, for this contest I will only be sending out Steam Games as prizes. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Third Place: A 15 dollar or lower game(s) from Steam.

Second Place: A 30 Dollar or lower game(s) from Steam

First Place: A 60 Dollar or lower game(s) from Steam


1. No plagiarism. If we find out you plagiarized your story not only will you be banned from future writing events, the staff may take disciplinary action on you.

2. The contest runs from Oct 1st thru Oct 31st.

3. The theme of this contest will be of course be Hallow's End

4. The story must at least be a paragraph however please do not write a book. Longer doesn’t mean better. Quality over Quantity. Poems and Haku’s are acceptable though and don’t need to be long.

5. Please use the subforum, Contests, to post your story

6. Try to use your own characters but you can use other player’s characters if you have their permission

7. Staff who post a story will not be able to judge contest entries

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