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HFC Lore Items
Hey guys, I'm creating this thread to catalogue and inform the players of the Lore Weapons that drop in with Hellfire Citadel. There is ALOT. I'll be updating this list every week after we defeat the bosses that drop them. Like with all Lore Weapons, you free to CTS about getting them and can even include whether or not you would like to turn it into an artifact for Legion. For the other WoD Lore Items from earlier raids, please check out this thread here: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Thread-Minor...re-Weapons

HFC Lore items

Bite of the Bleeding Hollow(Staff/Polearm): The weapon of the Bleeding Hollow, passed down from Chieftain to Chieftai. Kilrogg held this weapon all his life, the simplicity of the weapon betraying its deadly nature. Unfortunately, it  has become heavily corrupted with Fel, enhancing it with dark power. Perhaps this weapon can be cleansed if the new wielder wishes to bring it back in line with its former status...or maybe even corrupt it further into darkness (Has a green(fel), red(Fire) and purple(void) skins depending on player preference)

Xu'tenash, Glaive of Ruin(Polearm): This glaive pulses with fel eneries. When you touch it you can almost see the uncountable dead civilizations and people that Mannoroth and his armies had wiped out. Thought to be destroyed by the Main Universe Grom Hellscream, like Mannoroth himself, it seems not even death can stop this weapon from waging destructive war across the cosmos. The one who picks up this weapon would have a mighty weapon indeed...if they can control the chaotic powers within.

Gavel of the Eredar(One Handed Mace): The weapon of the Archimonde and the Legion. The fel energies radiate across its golden surface. Created in the days after Archimonde accepted Sargeras's dark offer, the weapon a focus for demonic and dark energies. Now that Archimonde is truly dead, what secerts does this weapon hold? What wonders can one plunder from the many runes and secerts inscribed into it? Will it destroy its new wielder or will they unlock powers within it that not even Archimonde could have forseen?

Garb of the Demon Prince(Helm, Shoulders and Belt):
Demon Prince's Ascendant Crown( Helm)
Mantle of the Eredar Lord(Shoulders)
Demonbuckle Sash of Argus(Belt)

Archimonde's body soon wasted away, turning to bone and then ash. But his armor remained. Strangely despite all the damage it took, it seems to be repairs itself. The Gold and Green armor contains so much magical and dark power, touching it feels as if touch the surface of a very angry sun. But its potential cannot be ignored. A powerful warlock can use Archimonde's own magical items against the very Legion he helped lead. Will its power corrupt the user? Or will they bend it to their will?


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