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Friendly Reminder Regarding Spawning Projects and lots of Objects
Hey Everyone!

The staff wanted to give a quick reminder when it comes to spawning, we understand when it comes to spawning personal houses, estates, or guild bases that it can be very exciting and we understand some people try to spawn things exactly how their mind's vision shows it, even down to individual blades of grass, or individual stones to replicate a road, across a large space it can not only be a time consuming effort that can eat away at temporary powers, but it can be incredibly draining on computers. We've encountered in the past people spawning grass objects for example in the hundreds close to thousands and the effects its had on performance makes the area unRPable unless you force your rig to be low on everyone making the point of a detailed spawn... useless.

(Ising myself as an example) I have a high-end gaming computer and graphics card and liquid cooling system, I normally get high-ultra graphics on retail but appearing to a location with grass objects nearing or over 1000 tanked my FPS to 30 for other computers not has high end as mine, it was 10-20s. This is way too much and we want to give a friendly reminder to please do not do this because this makes an area completely unusable. Its unnecessary and not the intended use for powers St or Building Privileges.

If you are unsure if what you're spawning might be too much please poke a staff member or make a CTS because otherwise if we encounter this we may and will ask it to be scaled back

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