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Demon Hunters Coming through to Draenor.
Hey guys, we're addressing this  due to an interest of none-Illidari Demon Hunters being able to rp in WoD. They  will be able to come over to Draenor however there are a few caveats to this:

-First of all Demon hunters would not be allowed to join with the Alliance and Horde officially as that would take away from the special moment in Legion when they officially join the Alliance and Horde.

-Secondly the Horde Demon Hunters could 'help' the Horde, but this would be under the conditions that they could only help fighting demons, and not the Iron Horde. And they would have to leave immediately after dealing with the threat. They are not here to socialise, but to help kill demons and then leave.  Additionally you will need to speak with the commanders both OOCly and ICly if the Horde Demon Hunters could help the Horde as a whole first.  To be clear you can join main storyline events on your Demon Hunters as long as the main story pertains to demons.

-Thirdly Alliance Demon Hunters will not be able to help the Alliance at all due to Cordana and her Warden's presence they will need to do their own thing on Draenor following their own storyline.  Cordana would not allow Demon Hunters to help the Alliance in any capacity. You could not join the main storyline at all, until patch 6.2 but you can come up with your own custom storylines on Draenor.

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