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Custom scale.
I was wondering how much work would go into making the custom scale a set value in the database. I know it's but a small trouble but always having to change your scale (and forgetting sometimes) on a short character can be a hassle. Especially at times of lousy internet connection. I know it's possible, I just have no idea how it's done, but CoTH had it back in the day, which ran TC as well.
[Image: AQbDOn7.gif]
I usually make a macro for those situations and keep it handy. If I think that I haven't set the right size then I just click it. Unless you mean something completely different.
[Image: IXvG8EB.gif]
Requires a script to check a character everytime it logs in to the scale value in the database, Its kinda a pain in the ass, and although Its not really a top priority, its much easier to push an addon that lets you set a macro that runs everytime to get on a character.
That does sound like quite the hassle. In any case, that's answered my question.
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