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Custom Artifacts Now Open!
Hey guys, with Legion now only a few months away, its time to start thinking about whether or not you want a custom artifact. Unlike canon artifacts, custom ones are made by you. They either be weapons of your own creation or lore weapons that will be boosted up to Artifact status once Legion hits. If you are interested in making a lore weapon into an artifact you do not need to own the lore weapon in question. It just has to be open and applied for. I will be posting the public lore item list so players can look over what is open and what their options are.

Below you'll find our application process. Please read it over and if your interested, post it as a CTS. Don't worry if you feel you aren't good at making effects. The staff will work with you as much as possible to help you make it into what you envision.

Public Lore Item List: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Thread-Publi...3#pid17513

What weapon are you applying for (Please link the wowhead page with the model you would like to use. Also let us know if this is a purely custom weapon or a Lore Weapon):

What character would you like to have this weapon?

What connection does your character have to this weapon?

What order hall do you think your character should belong to?

Do you have a plan/event-line for acquiring these weapons or empowering them to the status of an Artifact?

Please come up with 4 gold traits that the Staff can work with you to build a complete item. If appropriate, include thematic reasoning for the effects, but try not to get too into the lore/flavour of the item:

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