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Custom Artifacts, Gold Trait References, and You
Hey all, we’ve gotten quite a few custom artifact requests at this point and we’ve been trying our best to work through them, but it’s a long process and as we announced before, we can really only get through 3 in a meeting before we have to move on. One thing we have been noticing all around, however, is that while we’ve been fine with people asking for their Custom artifacts, people haven’t been quite understanding what we were looking for in effects. We think this is a failure of communication on our part, as while we have an example of a custom artifact in Info Dump 3, there isn’t much exposure to what gold traits 2-4 should be looking like.

I’m going to share with you guys 3 fully finished canon artifacts, ones that we think best represent the role that they cover in the easiest to digest format. We have 1 tank, 1 DPS, and 1 healer artifact for you guys to draw inspiration from in terms of how we went about designing all the artifacts thematically and in terms of power scaling. The reason why we haven’t shared them up to this point is because we don’t want people playing or abandoning characters just based on the artifacts, especially since we’ve said that artifact wielders who want to change their artifact traits can do so via CTS.

We also want to articulate that it is implied and understood that these artifacts are more than just their gold traits, which I believe to be a worry in transitioning from having a legendary or lore weapon to artifact. If you are in possession of an artifact, you can consider yourself much more adept with the baseline spells, attacks, and effects that are relevant to your class. Just a general power upgrade that isn’t really worth quantifying. What these gold traits are giving you are powerful abilities that are only usable with these artifacts.

As has been stated before, anyone who receives an artifact who is not satisfied with the prescribed effects may CTS about having the abilities changed to accommodate their desires. We’re very flexible on this and we want you to enjoy the weapon that you will be spending the entire expansion with.

Without any further ado, here’s the artifacts.

Doomhammer (Enhancement Shaman)

Gold Trait 1 - Doomwinds - A prophecy weapon, forged by the Blackrocks and storied beyond most other weapons, it is as much a symbol to the orcs as it is a potent weapon of the elements. Once per encounter, the shaman may channel their mastery of the elements into this weapon and unleash 4 rapid, powerful blows, each hitting with the energy of a different element. Once per event, this power can be combined with a windfury effect, each blow reverberating to strike 4 additional times.

Gold Trait 2 - Unleash Doom - The force of the earth forged your great weapon, and so too can you forge the earth into weapons of their own. Once per event, the Shaman may hold the Doomhammer high, breaking up the earth behind them. From the broken ground, the Shaman may continue to fire an endless barrage of earth spikes for the remainder of the encounter, able to strike up to 5 enemies each turn in addition to their normal attack.

Gold Trait 3 - Doom Vortex - Once per encounter, the Shaman may strike at enemies far away by throwing the Doomhammer towards them. As it flies through the air, it creates a powerful vortex of fire that burns any foe it touches. Once the hammer reaches its destination, it immediately returns to the Shaman, bringing the Vortex back with it to strike a second time.

Gold Trait 4 - Doom Wolves - The orcs have a long history of kinship and reliance on wolves, and as a Shaman, you can tap into that connection to bring forth three special spectral wolves to fight alongside you once per event. These wolves each embody a different element, Earth, Fire, and Air, and last for the remainder of the encounter.

The Fire Wolf can be commanded to create a Doom Vortex in a straight line towards a target.
The Earth Wolf can be commanded to unleash a barrage of earth spikes towards up to 5 enemies each turn.
The Air Wolf can be commanded to give you a charge of Doomwinds and casts Windfury on you whenever you invoke that trait.

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists (Mistweaver Monk)

Gold Trait 1; Sheilun’s Gift - Sheilun constantly gives off clouds of Mists, wherever the wielder goes. These Mists may be easily manipulated by the wielder, encapsulating their entire party. This will heal moderate wounds, cause their allies to become harder to hit, and allow them to float on the mists, landing safely from any height as well as gaining increased jump height. This effect will last for 3 turns, and is usable each encounter.

Gold Trait 2; Celestial Breath - You breath in the mists that cascade from the staff, embracing Yu’Lon’s blessing. You may then exhale the Breath of Yu’Lon, healing 5 allies in front of them and removing all debilitating effects from them. This will also disorient and debilitate any lesser enemies caught in the breath. Usable once each encounter.

Gold Trait 3; Mistweaving - Wielding Sheilun for as long as you have, you have finally mastered the Mists that gather around the staff. All healing powers are increased, and you as the wielder are under a constant healing effect, regenerating even near-mortal wounds you may have been struck with if given enough time. If Sheilun’s Gift or Celestial Breath have been used in this encounter, you may use one of these effects again.

Gold Trait 4; Blessings of Yu’Lon - Yu’Lon has given you her full blessing, and has chosen you to be the bearer of her mists. Once per week, you may use the staff to transform into an avatar of Yu’Lon for 3 turns, changing your form into a smaller version of the Celestial. Sheilun’s mist constantly rains down from your body, casting Sheilun’s Gift on the entire raid each turn. This also resets your usage of Celestial Breath, which has increased potency, allowing you to fully heal 10 of your allies in a single, sweeping breath attack.

Scale of the Earth-Warder (Protection Warrior)

Gold Trait 1: Neltharion’s Fury: The corruption of the black dragonflight is still present within this discarded scale, and while harmless to the wielder, it can prove very dangerous to their enemies. Once per encounter, the wielder can call upon that power to ignite the shield in shadow flame and taunt enemies around them, draconic whispers drawing them to attack the wielder. Those that would strike either the wielder of the shield are burned by shadowflame, and their injuries dull the pain felt by the wielder.

Gold Trait 2: Might of the Vrykul: Though primarily a defensive tool, there is nothing stopping a sufficiently motivated individual from using a shield as a weapon. This is something the Vrykul understood well, and that drive is carried within this shield. Once per encounter, the warrior may either strike an enemy with the shield, launching them back like an explosive cannonball, killing weaker enemies or stunning them for one round. Or, they can slam the shield on the ground, creating a fissure in the ground that erupts into lava.

Gold Trait 3: Scales of Earth: It is easy to forget, given recent events, that the black dragonflight were once the guardians of earth, intrinsically linked to Azeroth. This shield has not forgotten, however, and still carries within it the lingering power of this once great flight. With the increasing power of its wielder, these abilities can finally be awakened. Passively, Scaleshard becomes coated in burning lava and the wielder’s skin hardens to become more resistant to fire. As well, the user gains the ability to expel an eruption of magma from the face of the shield damaging enemies in a cone in front of them.

Gold Trait 4: Unbreakable Bulwark: Both bulwark and wielder have proven unbreakable through countless fights, and each time they have only come out stronger. When the wielder sets their feet to the ground, nothing will move them short of god-like strength. Should an ally fail a counter attack, once per day they can intercede and attempt their own with a +10 bonus. In addition, they gain the ability to make an unstoppable flame-wreathed charge once per encounter, throwing aside enemies with the strength of ten vrykul and burning those caught in the path.

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