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Cerb57, Unlucky Fellow

Community Gatherings and the Art Gallery!
Hey everyone! Just popping this announcement to explain the new sections of the forums.

The Community Gatherings section is a a public and community section to use and connect with others, this includes listening to a DJ stream to possible DND games you want to take part in or otherwise watch a movie together. Surveys can also be put up here to ask who would be interested who would want to play a certain game, or to see who has what game. This area is effectively a place where to go when you don't wish to RP, but still wish to partake in the community.

The Art Gallery is a section is an area we put down as we noticed a lot of people putting it down in the random/off topic section. And this is an area where the more art inclined. to coalesce it into one easy place where people can put their art without risk of losing it, or otherwise have it scattered around the forums.

Just to reiterate the main point, these areas can be used by anyone and everyone, and we hope for you to share this so that we as a server can be more interconnected.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Don't worry we don't bite. ^_^
:0 Im thinking of doing a movie night marathon of Avatar the last airbender a celebration of end of the semester finals!

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