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Changes to Forlarren
Hey guys. After much discussion we've decided to make some changes to Forlarren. We have decided to bump all types of Forlarren to T3 as well as restrict them to the extent a player may only have 1. Obviously this does not extend to our current players who have more then one Forlarren but they should be made aware if they wish to have another Forlarren they will have to retire their existing Forlarren characters.

The reason we are doing this is because we feel having them at T2 does not represent how rare Forlarren are in our Lore and the staff being cocnerned at some of the quailty of some of the half demon RP not matching up to the vision of what they are supposed to be. Forlarren are supposed be men and women trapped between two worlds, demonic and mortal. Their demonic side is constantly at odds with their mortal side, tempting them to join the Legion for greater power. In this respect they are very similar to Demon Hunters, only in this case they where forced into this life rather then making a sacrifice.

Players should also be aware, and while this may not be happening for awhile, the staff is currently considering(Forlarren included) that at the end of Legion we will be moving all demons up to T4 due to the ending of Legion and how fractured it has become. This is NOT a final decision but only something the staff is currently speaking about and mulling over. We will let players know our final decision when the day comes.

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