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Camera bug after death underwater
The camera freezes in place when dying underwater.

So far this has occurred in 3 different places.

First was off the north-west coast of Gorgrond, swimming fairly close to the surface and shoreline. Character died suddenly, camera froze in place. Used .revive and teleported away, but the camera remained in place. Tried teleporting farther away, camera ended up located underneath far off locations, such as Shadowmoon Valley or Hillsbrad Foothills.

Second was when exploring the Abyssal Maw raid. Did not die, but I passed a point where the camera stays in place. Instead of reverting when I came back up, the camera remained in place.

Third was when exploring Vashj'ir. Died suddenly 3 times in front of the Ancient in the Abyssal Depths. Revived and logged out in effort to fix it. Remained in Vashj'ir, where my camera was then fixated under Hillsbrad near the Dalaran Crater. Teleporting away did not work, as my camera was locked under Stormwind afterwards.

The fix for this, so far, has been to delete and remake the character.
[Image: d8WtFo4.jpg]
As I've had this happen to me multiple times while testing out different maps, I've come across a solution that doesn't require a delete.

Have your character die, either by command or by wandering too far down and being killed by the game, and then release your corpse. You'll always end up in Westfall and then you can simply revive yourself via command. The camera should have fixed itself and you should be good to go.

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