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Artifacts Redux
Hey guys. This thread will detail the changes we are making to both Main Line and Custom Artifacts. While the staff team does not like limiting things after we have already allowed it for a certain way for a while, it is becoming clear to us and from the community meeting, artifacts need to be fixed in a way, especially in regards to custom artifacts.

1. Players can now get a Third Artifact on a Third character

The staff has deemed it late in Legion enough that we can begin to offer this to players interested. Players who already have two Artifacts on two separate characters can apply for a third one, Main Line or Custom, on a third character. We understand that having three artifacts may cause some issues as players cannot triple box at events in regards to activity on that character. We do expect the character to be around and not just a placeholder but we will understand if the character cannot be at every event. Use your best judgement when asking for a third artifact on whether or not you can balance three characters with powerful items.

We also may ask players to hold off on obtaining a Third Artifact if we see someone who has a lesser number of Artifacts or none at all who we think would fit better. Keep this mind: You are not guaranteed to get a Third Artifact.

2. Explore the History of a Main Line Artifact

In every Class Order Hall, there is an archive of all the Main Line Artifacts histories. Through hours of research and dedicated learning, most of the histories, known or previously unknown, much of the Main Line Artifact’s histories have been revealed. Players can use this information to create events where they can relive the details in these books that led to the creation or use of their Artifact. The style of event is ultimately up to the person running it but it should be framed in a historical sense. To read up on the IC books about each Class Hall’s Artifacts please read over this Wowpedia page. By looking at each Order Hall’s Research NPC, you’ll find links to the IC books available in each Order Hall. Use this as your inspiration! Be sure to CTS the staff with event details if you want to do this.

3. Valorous and Mage Tower Appearances

This has been discussed before but never really codified. Well the Staff team feels now it’s time to. Valorous and Mage Tower Appearances will be available to Main Line Artifact Wielders once we hit certain thresholds.

Valorous Appearances will be available once the Nighthold is finished. There will be a short event afterwards that will allow players at the event and in the future(through their own mini-event if they cannot attend the staff one) to unlock the Valorous appearances. Players will have access to all the appearances of the Valorous set, though people will still be able to use these appearances for Custom Artifacts.

Mage Tower Appearances will be available once we get to 7.2 and the Mage Tower quests open up. To obtain these appearances players will have to attend a Mage Tower Event and defeat the final boss of the quest line.  Players will have access to all the appearances of the Mage Tower set. This set of appearances will be exclusive to the Main Line Artifact wielders if they want it to be so. If you wish to have your Mage Tower appearance exclusive only to you, please make a CTS to let the staff know. Mage Tower Appearances that are exclusive to their wielders cannot be turned into Custom Artifacts. HOWEVER, if you already have a Mage Tower Appearance that is a custom artifact this does not apply to you and can be considered grandfathered in.  This is still in the early planning stage, and the Staff will have more information on how these events will be run and what Main Line Artifact wielders who cannot attend these events can do.

4. Artifact Appearances Doc Version 2

A lot of you may remember the Artifact Appearances Document released at the start of Legion. I’ll be the first to admit it’s a mess and very confusing to navigate. It’s been cleaned up entirely. The suggestions have been removed and all that is left is the appearances and which skins have been made into full fledged artifacts. Feel free to look over the doc if you wish to create a Custom Artifact or just want to look at appearances. You can view it here: Artifact Appearances Doc

5. Changes to Custom Artifacts


First let me state, it was never our intention to have Custom Artifacts more popular than Main Line ones. We had thought it would be a very cool way for players to express themselves or not box themselves in too much with a Main Line. And while that succeeded, it has left some Main Line wielders feeling bad as they are stuck with whatever the game gave them. And while some of it is unpreventable, we can close the gap a bit between Main Line and Custom Artifacts. Below you’ll find the changes the staff has made to the rules of Custom Artifacts.

Change 1: Custom Artifacts can now only come from one of three sources. First is a Legendary or Lore item raised to Artifact Status. These types of weapons can be found in this thread here: Artifact and Lore Thread

Second is from appearances that have been spun off from their original Artifact. These are noted in the Appearances Document that is linked above.

Third, for completely Custom Artifacts(I.E weapons with lore you create), they can only use appearances from the Appearances Doc(again linked above). This means only those appearances can be used in the creation of completely Custom Artifacts. The Staff realizes this may be a bit harsh but one of the reasons Custom Artifacts have gotten so out of control, at least to the view of some people, is us liberally allowing anyone to turn anything into an artifact. From now on, only those appearances above can be used as Completely Custom Artifacts.

Change 2: Custom Artifacts can only have 1 event to obtain it. This is another big change that the Staff feels is necessary. When someone obtains a Main Line Artifact, it’s normally one big event. However, we have noticed for Custom Artifacts players have created entire event lines centered on getting it. While it has not been terrible, this is not what the Staff wanted or wants now. It makes Custom Artifacts far to above Main Line artifacts. So to bring some level of parity between them, when creating the method for obtaining a Custom Artifact, it should be a single event. The staff will no longer accept Custom Artifacts that need entire event lines to complete. If you need help condensing your Custom Artifact into a single event, the staff is willing to help in your CTS.

Change 3: The Staff will be a little more critical on handing out Custom Artifacts, to the same extent we are of Main Line Artifacts. Custom Artifacts sorta of became...very easy to get over Main Line Artifacts at some point and the staff want to change that. While the Staff will not be overly harsh, we will be asking players who want a Custom Artifact to expect the same sort of judgement we would have on a player asking for a Main Line artifact. For players who go inactive with a Custom Artifact they will not have it taken away. Instead the Artifact will be depowered to Legendary status(regardless if the player gives it up or not), and if the player returns they may make a CTS to hash out on how to bring it back up to Artifact status or change it to be more suited to a legendary weapon.

6. Activity Check Ups

Similar to Storytellers, the staff will be looking at the activity of all Artifact wielders, both Main Line and Custom, every 3 months. For those who are inactive or having trouble with getting on, the staff will be reaching out to see what can be done.

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