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Artifact Guide and Appearances
Hey guys. It's finally that time. It felt like it would never come but we are finally here. Artifacts are either already going out or have already gone out. This thread will serve as a guide for all your Artifact related questions, at least the most basic of them. If you do not understand something or need further explanation, please do not hesitate to talk with the staff and ask us anything that you feel is unclear.

This guide will go over three major things what is expected of our artifact wielders, the gold traits and finally artifact appearances.

What is expected of Artifact Wielders

If you have been granted a canon or have created your own artifact, you have already made a large leap. This means the staff trusts you to hold what will become a very powerful weapon. The staff doesn’t foresee any real issues with any of our artifact wielders, but those that have one should be wary of how much of their power they throw around against other players. Though you have a lot of power, we still expect the same level of OOC respect to other players regardless of their position in the order halls or status as an artifact wielder.

On the topic of activity, while we do expect the artifact wielders to be active and to mostly be playing the characters they have decided to get artifacts for, we also understand that demanding 100% of people’s time is both unrealistic and unfair. You don’t have to attend every main event or be on the server 24/7. The time it becomes an issue is when we notice a very LARGE gap in player activity without any communication to us. We understand things happen in real life so if your feel your activity may take a hit, please come to us. If your not happy with your artifact or feel you no longer want it, again please come to the staff first and we can talk out whatever issues you may have. Our door is always open to issues like this.

Gold Traits

Gold Traits are the Artifact’s abilities. Many of you have either read over the traits created by the staff or have created your own. There are 4 gold traits in all, with a 5th arriving sometime when we hit 7.2.  Now, these gold traits will unlock over the course of the first leg of the Legion storyline, the initial zones. The staff will make a general announcement on when a Gold Trait unlocks. Players are free to either say the Gold Trait unlocked on its own, a sign of the items growing power, or do a small storyline unlocking the traits(These should be CTSed). It is up to you.

Below you’ll find a guide on when each Gold Trait unlocks.

Gold Trait 1: Unlocked as soon as the artifact is acquired.

Gold Trait 2: Unlocked after Azsuna

Gold Trait 3: Unlocked after Val'sharah

Gold Trait 4: Unlocked after High Mountain.

As we stated before, there is a 5th Gold Trait but we will not be dealing with those yet. That trait will come in during the Legionfall storyline and the staff will have more information the closer we get.

Artifact Appearances

Artifact Appearances are the different colorations each canon artifact has. Every artifact has 6 different skins and each has 4 different colorations. These skins are Classic, Upgraded, Valorous, War Torn, Mage Tower, and Hidden. Every canon artifact wielder will eventually have all their Classic and Upgraded colorations unlocked. These appearances are unique to the artifact wielder and are ONLY available to them. Like the gold traits, your Classic colorations will unlock as we go through the story. Below you’ll find when each coloration unlocks.

Coloration 1: Unlocked as soon as the artifact is acquired.

Coloration 2: Unlocked after Azsuna

Coloration 3: Unlocked after Val’shara

Coloration 4: Unlocked after High Mountain.

The Upgraded appearance will eventually be unlocked once the class order halls storylines are completed. Once the Upgraded Appearance is unlocked, all of its colorations are as well. To be clear however, canon artifact wielders are not forced to use any of the extra colorations or even the Upgraded appearance if they do not like them. The forge at your order hall will be ICLY and OOCLY change the color and even look of your artifact to be whatever tint or appearance your want.

Now things here may get confusing for some players but I will try to explain the best I can. The next four appearances, Valorous, War Torn, Challenging and Hidden, have special rules attached to them.

The Valorous and Mage Tower Appearances, will be unlocked via special storylines that will take place over Legion. The Valorous storyline will be a combined effort by Kalecgos and Senegos to empower the artifacts. This storyline will be similar to the ring and cloak quest lines from the past but not as restrictive.  The Mage Tower Storyline will be a special storyline in 7.2 where the class order halls will be called upon to fight powerful foes that threaten Azeroth and attempts to push back the Legion. Expect more information on that when we start getting close to it.

For both of these appearances, we have decided to offer the wielder one coloration each that will unlock at the end of each respective storyline. The skins not chosen by the wielder will be available for other players to create their own custom artifacts. As with the Upgraded Appearance, Artifact wielders are under no obligation to pick a Valorous or Mage Tower Appearance if they do not like it.

The War Torn and Hidden Appearances are special. Their colorations will be available for all players to look over and create custom artifacts out of. Additionally, artifact wielders will be able to decide to replace their Valorous or Mage Tower skin with a War Torn or Hidden Appearance if applicable.

Below you will find a google doc of the four appearances and links to said appearances. Two things to note. If an appearance is claimed it DOES NOT mean you cannot create an artifact out of it. You just need to come to the staff about it and we will ask the Artifact Wielder if it is ok for you to have the same appearance. Secondly, the staff has put down suggestions on what sort of classes or character fit for each coloration. However these are just SUGGESTIONS. If you see a coloration you really like and have a reasonable idea for but feel like you may not fit the suggestion we make, make a CTS and talk to us about it. You will find the google doc below.

Public Doc
Artifact Colorations Amended Rule:

The staff would like to apologize for a oversight on our part regarding the Artifact coloration system. It was not our intention to give the impression that main story artifact wielders must be sought for permission to use artifact colors or therefore had the final say on whether a custom wielder was able to use the same color/skin of a mainline artifact.

To that end, we are applying the following amendment to the artifact coloration claiming:

- Main line artifact wielders may find that when using skins beyond the classic and upgraded appearances, they will not be unique. Those appearances can and will be used by custom artifact wielders as appearances for their custom artifacts. The staff reserves the right to intervene in any case and have the final say on the matter if a dispute arises.

The intent with asking and reserving colorations was for it to be an informal courtesy, to possibly dissuade from duplicate appearances or to ensure people knew their appearance would not be unique if they used it as a custom. As before, the staff remains the final decider on skins that can be used by custom artifact wielders/main line and disputes that arise from them

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