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A Personal Thank You and Patch Announcement
Hey All!

The staff wanted to come together and give some recognition to a very awesome player on the server for her work and dedication to the server:

Sachi! Thank you so much for your hard work in creating the patches you have, being diligent with the skin patches and object patches. We are very appreciative of your work, and we would like to announce that upon the full completion of the Legion Object patch we will be adding it into our patch bundle making it a required patch for all.

This may not be an immediate thing as there are objects that need to be combed through and removed to prevent client-side crashes. Once the object patch is fully complete and any object is removed due to the crash it causes we will make another announcement about adding it into the patch bundle. This will be a required patch for all, and we have confirmed with players who traditionally have slower computers, they have not had issues with lag/latency with the object patch, so this patch does not affect computer performance.

<IMG src="http://i.imgur.com/IrCfkVJ.png"><s>[img]</s>[url="http://i.imgur.com/IrCfkVJ.png">http://i.imgur.com/IrCfkVJ.png[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG>

Your patches are just absolutely amazing. That you take so much of your time to make Freedom prettier and more exciting is just something that I love! I appreciate that you're willing to sit through skype chats with those of us who are... very non-tech savvy, and happily answer questions. So thank you so much for your hard work! It's certainly helps make my time on Freedom that much more special! <COLOR color="#EE4A2D"><s></s>-Lemon

>tfw no updated Vrykul

No, uh, seriously. In a way, before anyone else (even myself) I have you to thank for Kaerheim. No way I would've ever done it with the ugly-ass Northrend Vrykul architecture, and I swear, like 90% of the objects have been provided by you. So yea, thanks for making my dreams possible, no homo. -33Vikings

From one memester to another - thank you for the great work, Sachi. It's really appreciated! -Durkon

[url="http://i.imgur.com/qJTA6lH.jpg"><s></s>http://i.imgur.com/qJTA6lH.jpg <COLOR color="#009900"><s></s>-Chalker

Hey, Sachi!

Thank you for pulling all this magic out of your Lolita frills! -C0rfairy

As a new guy, I have no idea what most of anything is on the server. All I know is that from the short time I've been here, this Meme Queen has worked harder to throw in patches and what not than anyone I've ever met on other servers. Always gotta respect hard work. Especially when it's purely for the enjoyment of everyone else. -Stubbsfield, some say Snubbsfield.

Hey Sachi, Snuggley here! I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into pulling mobs and morphs out from the uncanny valley of Blizz's creature design team in 2004. <COLOR color="#9300C4"><s></s>-Snuggley

As lazy and unmotivated as you tend to be, Sachi, you put in a lot of work when you set your mind to it. I'm happy for you every time you set your mind to your art, to working on a patch, or something that gets your mind going. I just hope you take a break from your frustrations once in a while. Afterall, I'm the one sitting there with you while you make it every time. <COLOR color="#EE4A2D"><s></s>;P -Maforis

Thank you Sachi for all your hard work on the patches, you didn't have to keep updating them, but you did. And that? That makes you awesome. I feel like you're a real asset to the server and have provided us with benefits we didn't have before. With all that in mind, thank you Sachi. Stay awesome. -Joseph

Sachi's work on custom patches and stuff is really fuckin legit tbh, she did it all for fun too despite not being official dev staff, or at least wasn't such to begin with. I'm glad she found a way to personally contribute to the server in her own special way -Cappnrob

Thank you for your work on the object and skin patch, it's definitely been helpful and useful on the server, thank you for the hard work. <COLOR color="#009900"><s></s>-Kukamang

Sachi, I already commented how grateful I was about your patch once, but due to <del>The staff finally getting around to showing you some gratitude</del> circumstance, I get to do it again! Thank you for your hard work, Sachi. -Wanafly

Hey Sachi, thanks a ton for all the work you've done for us. You've given us a ton of amazing things that I don't think anybody else had the patience to do, and we will always remember that. A job well done earns a nice break too. Go relax and enjoy yourself, girl. You earned it. <COLOR color="#9300C4"><s></s>- Corgi
<3 Thank you so much for your awesome and hard work, and for being such a good friend and person Sachi. Without you, the server would be a lot less pretty, and a lot less satyr-y!
Thank you very much for the hard work! It's a wild ride, I'm sure, to jumble through Blizzard's lockbox, but it's been paying off really well!
"You're right, we have people more imperfect than you." -the best out of context backhanded compliment from Bluelink
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Thanks Sachi!
<iframe type='text/html' width="480" height="270" src='[url="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zi8ShAosqzI">https://www.youtube.com/embed/zi8ShAosqzI[/url]' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen=''></iframe>

I'm really bad with compliments.

It's a fun challenge. I like seeing how far I can push these patches with each release to try and add more and fix things that Blizz probably should've fixed some time ago. I'm a stickler for aesthetics and if something doesn't look good, I tend to not play it. Things gotta be pretty yo. Especially with satyrs. I need them satyrs.

Thank me by making satyrs.
[Image: tumblr_p5ym23Yk1R1td1r9eo5_r1_540.gif]
"At this point I've seen enough out of [Sachi] that I am not confident in [her] conduct as a roleplayer. Sorry."
You're a very hardworking person, you know? You're also a cool one. And an awesome friend.

And your memes are pretty dank.
"Can you do that vegetable thing?" - Mirran to Kazuni 2k17
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Eyyy Sachi ya nerd. Patches are amazing! Keep up the good work! <3
"Both sides are going to shit on each other for a year, then some other giant apocalyptic force will stop by, and we'll find common ground in kicking the shit out of that." -Mirran

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[Image: Bf2pwhB.png]

<I><s></s>Bless you<e></e></I> c:
[Image: XXmMI2F.png]
Missed the big post since I packed into bed early, but thanks for all the work on the patches. I know the things are a complicated bundle to work with, and you probably tore out a chunk of hair while at it, but in the end thanks for making things look just that bit more awesome.

But I'm coming after you about the lion and nightsaber model chanes.

I might not because of the new Dire Worg models. But I still might. Close the windows at night and lock 'em.

Thank you for your work Sachi. You're really putting a lot of effort into this and it makes me see, how much you like this community. And I know sometimes you feel really slack, but you still keep on working. You're like, a really good fighter.

And you're cool. <E>Big Grin</E>
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