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6.2 Fury of Hellfire
[Image: Fury_of_Hellfire_logo.png]

The Forces of Darkness gather as the Champions of Draenor prepare for the final confrontation

Gul'dan has taken over the Iron Horde. After deposing of Grommash Hellscream, the warlock Gul'dan has successfully usurped his way into leadership. Thanks to his agents, who he has embedded deep within their ranks, there is little resistance and Gul'dan is free to do as he pleases. One of the first steps is to begin corrupting the very land itself. All over Draenor, those attuned to magic and the elements can feel vast amounts of Fel, the warlock is pumping into Tanaan and his creation of an "improved" Hellfire Citidal. And Gul'dan is not alone. His Shadow Council has begun to rip open portals to allows swaths of demons to invade Draenor. Though not a full Legion, it is quickly becoming one as the demon's ranks grow by the day.

The Champions of Draenor will need to band together once more to face off against Gul'dan and his Masters. Who knows what horrors he has created and currently await them within Tanaan and the Citadel? And who knows what more the Legion itself has planned for Draenor...and Azeroth.

Battle for Tanaan

6.2, like Siege of Orgrimmar, will be two parts over two months. The first half, will only have two main storyline events. After these two events, the rest of May will be open for ST's and players to conduct their own events within the zone. Below are some areas of interests that players may apply to hold events for. You aren't limited to just doing these areas and are free to have your own custom events in the zone. You're also free to do Fel Iron Horde/Legion invasions in other areas of Draenor as well!.

 Fang'rila: Home to the Blackfang Tribe of Saberon. These Saberon are a level of vicious that extends even beyond the normal bloodlust this species has. While not corrupted by Gul'dan, these beast men are proving to be dangerous annoyances as they will attack patrols and even lead small strikes on the Horde and Alliance bases to steal supplies. The Saberstalker group has shown interest in stopping these attacks.

The Fel Forge: Built near the glowing veins of Fel that Gul'dan unleashed on the jungle, this area serves as the area where the Fel Iron Horde builds its weapons and machines of war. Weapons imbued with fel and machines that run off it, this area supplies most of the army outside of the Citadel itself. Put an end to their terrible machines and cut off a source of Gul'dan's weapons\

Throne of Kil'Jaeden: This is where the orcs gathered originally and rejected Gul'dan's gift. But like in Outland, the Throne now serves an area for some of the Legion's most powerful minions and Gul'dan's most powerful warriors and Warlocks. The area is also heavily saturated with Fel. This will most likely be the most difficult place for champions to assault, save for the Citadel itself.

Warcamp Gromdar: A former Iron Horde Warcamp, named after Grommash. But like his Iron Horde, it has been twisted and now only twisted monster and fel addicted orcs gather. This is where the finishing touches of items created at the Fel Forge are brought. Bringing this area down will surely dent Gul'dan's plans.

Ironmonger's Hold: The last outpost of the original Iron Horde within Tanaan. Made up of mostly Blackrock orcs, they have refused to join Gul'dan's twisted vision and now seek to just survive. This is almost proving impossible as not only is their fel counterparts attacking them, but also a forces of Pale within their own hold. Perhaps you can convince them to join our side? It won't be easy as they still blame the Outsiders for what they did to the Foundry but they may have no choice. As if they are not wiped out by the Legion or Pale...then we may have too.

Zeth'Gol: Zeth'gol is the home of the Bleeding Hollow orcs. While Kilrogg spends most of time within the Citadel, Zeth'gol is still very active. There the Bleeding Hollow Orcs refine their use of Blood Magic and transform those they deem worthy into Fel Orcs.

Ruins of Kra'nakRuins of an Old Arakkoa Village. The Arakkoa here have fallen to Gul'dan's promises of power and have joined his Shadow Council. Here where the Fel Iron Horde Warlocks teach their new students on how to combine their already dark magics with Fel.

Farlight Terrance: Another Arakkoa ruins near Kar'nak. However here the more powerful Arakkoa lay, those who have adapted well to Fel Magics. Its is unknown who leads these Felsworn Arakkoa and it believed they may have kidnapped and maybe even killed the missing sage, Iskar.

Temple of Sha'naar: A hidden Draenei Temple in Tanaan that was cut off from the world when the Iron Horde formed. However, the paladins and priests here remained resolute and fought off any Iron Horde attack that threatened them. This changed however when the Sargeri allied with Gul'dan's Fel Iron Horde and invaded Tanaan. They brutally executed the stalwart inhabitants and took it over. Now they torture the souls of the dead and Sargeri here seek to prove themselves to become full on Eredar.

WORLD BOSS: Supreme Lord Kazzak: "Second" in Command to Gul'dan and leader of the Legion forces until a higher rank arrives, Kazzak has a sordid history with the people of Azeroth and seeks revenge. Though he stays upon the Throne of Kil'jaeden, he awaits his chance to finally kill the champions who killed him back on Azeroth.
IMPORTANT: Some areas have rarespawns in those locations you do NOT have to have the rarespawns in the storyline area you claim, but if you wish to use rarespawns in those areas, you MUST CTS for the rarespawns you want to claim as they are not a given for the area.  Rarespawns that are not explicitly claimed in your area will be considered open for grabs and players can run the rarespawn in a different location. (You do not have to claim any or all rarespawns but it is an option to add to your storyline) List of rarespawns here.

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