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6.1: Fall of the Iron Horde
Fall of the Iron Horde

The Iron Horde is breaking. Though their will may be unbreakable, their armies are not. Set back after set back has left the Horde and Alliance mostly in control of most of Draenor. Their two main bases, Tanaan and The Blackrock Foundry, however are fortresses and have remained unassailable...until now. The Frostwolves, Draenei, Horde and Alliance all gather their armies. The Foundry must fall before any invasion of Tanaan can be considered. It is the heart of the weapon's operations for the Iron Horde. It and it's leader, Warlord Blackhand, must fall.

While the armies gather, the Champions of Draenor are being given another mission. Or rather an invitation. Imperator Mar'gok, king of the Ogres and ruler of Highmaul, has invited the heroes to venture to his city and fight in his grand arena. Curious about the heroes power, he wishes to see it for himself. This has the sign of a trap but one that may play into the favor of the Champions.

Archmage Khadgar has come up with a plan. Instead of seiging Highmaul, the heroes will spring the trap and fight their way to the Imperator. Their ultimate goal will be to force the ogres to surrender and abandon the Iron Horde. This will be eaiser said then done but the Archmage has full confidence in the Champions.

The war has reached another crucial point. Victory in Highmaul and The Foundry can secure one more step to victory before the invasion of Tanaan commences...

Finally we begin to enter the raid phase of WoD! Their will be two raids in March and April before we head into the final storyline of the expansion. I'll be listing the the dates here. Be aware that these dates may change pending any unforseen circumstances.  The Black Foundry bosses will be listed after Highmaul is done. As a note and will be announced later, Brackenspore will be left for ST's to do.

March 29th: Highmaul Part 1: The Walled City
- Kargath
- The Butcher

March 30th: Highmaul Part 2: The Arcane Sanctum
- Twin Ogron
- Ko'ragh

April 6th: Highmaul Finale: Imperator's Fall
- Imperator Mar'gok/???

April 7th- April 17th: Break

April 19th: Blackrock Foundry Part 1

April 20th: Blackrock Foundry Part 2

April 26th: Blackrock Foundry Part 3

April 27th: Blackrock Foundry Finale


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