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Regarding Questions for Staff (QfS):

We'd like to revise and reiterate some of our QfS policies. Lately there's been some issues with understanding current policies, so we feel it's prudent to adjust and reconvey our stance on certain questions.

First of all, we'd like to touch once again on questions regarding datamined lore material from Battle For Azeroth, since we've continued to receive inquiries. We'd like to be perfectly explicit -

The Staff will NOT be commenting on Battle For Azeroth Lore in any capacity, no matter how small or seemingly harmless. The sole exception to this is the fact that Kul'Tiras was not destroyed in the Cataclysm, and that they are an isolationist nation that is derived from Gilneas.

To reiterate, further questions regarding BfA lore will NOT be answered. We will be waiting until release to begin our inspection of its lore when staff members run through it on Retail. Any further questions regarding them will be addressed as such.

Secondly, we feel there is a need to revise our general current lore QfS inquiry policy. We'd like people to make sure they do some modicum of research regarding their lore question before asking them. In order for us to most accurately, promptly, and assuredly respond to questions, we need to be aware of how much about the topic you're aware of.

To this end, we'd like to ask everyone that, when applicable, please include a little bit about what you've found through your own research regarding the area of lore in question. We're not asking for a research paper, and definitely not anything near the level of research needed for a complex CtS inquiry, but just enough that we're not blindsided by further points that you might bring up. This will help us answer questions as best as possible.

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